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Secret Language And Communication Of Dogs


Here we are going to talk about the secret language of the dogs. Have you ever thought or wished that your dog could speak and can communicate with you or with others? Dogs do: they talk with each other, and research reveals that they have their own communication with their owner and other dogs. 

They use dog language while talking with each other and also show some gestures to their owner in love. We will talk about all gestures here. 

Below we will find out what is the secret language of dogs and how they communicate. 

Dog’s Body Language 

Every time when you adopt a new dog, the dog owner will tell you that the dog speaks with them and also talk with other dogs. This is known as dog language. Here are some signs that dogs use:

  • Face

Dogs will show wrinkles or straighten their forehead whenever they determine or are confused about something. 

  • Eyes 

Whenever dogs find someone friendly to them, their eyes get brightened. But when they get afraid his pupils dilate and he shows the whites of his eyes. 

  • Ears 

If a dog’s ears are raised, it means that he is relaxed and listening to everything. But the ears are in back then it means that he might be signalling submission. 

  • Lips, teeth, & tongue

Whenever your dog is happy and wants to play, he will pull his lips back and show his teeth just like he is smiling. This is a specially reserved gesture for the communication between dogs and humans because dogs will not do this gesture with other dogs. 

  • Tail 

Recent research has published current biology about a dogs tail. The dog always wags its tails the way he feels. If the tail moves more to the right side then it means he is showing positive feelings. Similarly, if he wags his tail towards the left side it means he is showing negative feelings. 

How Dogs Talk To Each Other 

As we know that dogs are social animals so they have a universal language that they use while talking with each other. No doubt they talk with each other while playing and while fighting. But the point is that we cannot understand what they are talking about with each other. So here is a minor specification on how they talk with each other so that you can also understand it. 

Play bow: 

This play bow means that let’s play. However, this bow can also be a sign of some apology. It’s a dog’s sign or way of saying “Oops, I didn’t mean to play rough. Let’s keep playing more. 

Paw Slap:

These signs somehow relate to trust. This sign is just like when a human comes and slaps you on the back. This sign of the dog put another dog at an awkward angle. So we can say that it is also a sign that the dog trusts others he is playing with. 

Rearing Hind Legs:

When dogs rear up on their hind legs, it is a gesture of affection. This gesture often looks like dancing when they are playing with each other. 


Biting is also a sign of play. Dogs just do the minor gesture of biting each other but they carefully avoid the sensitive areas so that the other dog cannot get hurt. 

the secret language of the dogs
Dogs always talk with each other to express their feelings and emotions.

Barking Dogs 

Just like human beings dogs also like to talk. Just like other signs and gestures they use while talking to each other, they bark while talking. Barking can represent different things to different dogs. The pitch and volume level of the dog will increase with the increase in emotions. 

Dogs’ communication is as normal as human communication. We just need to understand their gestures. 

In very recent research, artificial intelligence is used to distinguish dogs’ bark. Hungarian research tested 6000 different barks from 14 sheepdogs using special software, their software and other technical support revealed correctly and identified what the dogs were saying. They revealed everything about the dog language. Fortunately, we have many advanced and innovative technologies that now reveal many secrets that we never know and never expect to reveal. So, it is a big and proud revelation that we came to know about dog language. 

Understanding Each Other 

Understanding each other (dogs and humans) is not so difficult. We normally send our dogs to obedient schools to teach them what we are expecting and demanding from them. But they also want to say something and demand of us. They do so every day with their gestures. We all love our pets and try to communicate with them. We want them to understand us as well as we should understand them. For this, we just need to open our eyes and ears along with our hearts to understand what they are saying to us. 

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