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10 Reasons: Why You Can’t Sleep Well


Many people feel discomfort while sleeping or they may have a sleeping disorder. But it is not very unusual, So it is important to find our sleeping problems. There could be many reasons that can cause sleeping problems. If you are facing it then fix it so that you may not face Insomnia

If you also have sleeping problems and everything, why can’t you sleep well at night? Or ever feel discomfort while sleeping then this article is specially written for you. Here we will discuss some reasons and will share some suggestions on how you can fix your sleeping problems. 

Less Darken Room 

Generally, no lights should be on in your bedroom, especially light from a TV or other electronic device. When your eyes are exposed to light during the night, your brain is fooled into believing it’s time to wake up, and the synthesis of melatonin, a hormone produced by your pineal gland that produces tiredness and lowers body temperature, is reduced. Electronic gadget light is particularly bothersome since it resembles sunlight. 

Late Exercise 

You will overstimulate your metabolism and boost your heart rate if you exercise within three hours of trying to sleep, producing restlessness and repeated awakenings during the night. Exercise in the morning or no later than mid to late afternoon to get a better night’s sleep. Well, the best time for exercise is in the morning. It will make you feel fresh for the whole day.

Drinking Alcohol 

Alcohol is commonly thought of as a sleep aid, but it actually disrupts REM sleep, making you feel more fatigued the next day. You may feel sleepy after drinking it, although this is only a temporary impact. 

Warm Room Temperature 

When you sleep, your body and brain desire to cool down, but if your room is too warm, this process will be stifled. A fan in your room is an excellent option because it will keep you cool while also producing a regular amount of white noise to aid sleep. Just don’t get too chilly, as this will also affect your sleep. 


Caffeine has a half-life of 5 hours, which means that 10 hours after drinking it, you still retain one-quarter of the first dose in your system. The majority of us consume more than one cup of coffee every day, and many of us consume it late in the day. If you’re going to consume coffee, do so first thing in the morning. Coffee is good for health but drinks it in a typical amount. 

sleeping disorder
the sleeping disorder should be treated on time.

Sharing Your Bed 

If your companion snores, crowded you, hogs the covers, can make you uncomfortable whether you are sharing your bed with a mate, human or four-legged. It dramatically affects the quality of your sleep. While you’re unlikely to kick your partner out of the bedroom although a surprising number of married couples do sleep in different rooms. It could be a reason for your sleeping problem or you may feel discomfort while sleeping. 

Watching Tv 

For several reasons, this is a horrible idea. Watching TV promotes brain activity, which is the polar opposite of what you want if you want to get a good night’s sleep. Second, the light from the television signals your brain to wake up. So we can say that it is a bad idea. 

Do Not Try To Solve Problem In The Middle Of The Night 

When we wake up in the middle of the night, the first thing that comes to mind is a major problem with which we are concerned. Stop yourself from going there and divert your thoughts to something less stressful. You will be awake for far longer if you get caught up in the worry treadmill for a long time. 


A large amount of fat or protein just before bedtime pushes your digestive system into overdrive, making sleeping difficult and perhaps causing heartburn. Hunger pangs, as well as sharp decreases in blood sugar during the night, can cause you to wake up.

Smoking Before Sleeping 

Smokers mistakenly believe that smoking relaxes them, yet this is a neurochemical illusion. Nicotine is, in fact, a stimulant. You should expect to wake up multiple times throughout the night if you smoke before going to bed, just as you would if you had a cup of coffee. 

These are the possible reasons that make you uncomfortable while sleeping. It is important that you should notice them and try to solve them if you want a comfortable sleeping. Avoid late exercise, smoking, and bad eating habits. If you succeed in changing your bad habits then surely you will enjoy healthy and comfortable sleeping. 

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