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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy An iPhone Instead Of An Android


Many people like to have androids. They also like them but when we ask them which phone they want to buy they tend to buy an iPhone. There is no doubt that android phones also have many features, hardware, and software qualities that are much more incredible than the iPhone but here we are going to discuss some reasons to buy an iPhone. Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy and Oppo have many good features and designs also. They knew that people wanted the most stylish designs of phones. 

Here are some reasons to buy an iPhone over Android. 

iPhones Are Faster

It is true that iPhones are much faster than Android. If you are thinking of buying an iPhone, it is an essential point for you to know that the iPhone can beat anything from the Android camp. Such as the iPhone XS can beat the speed of the Samsung Galaxy. If even this smartphone also increases the speed by implementing several new features yet the iPhone is a bit faster than this. It is the most noticeable reason to buy an iPhone. 

It also has a faster download speed. As we have tasted the iPhone download speed and Samsung. The iPhone downloads the video in 32 seconds while Samsung takes 2.5 minutes to download. 

Better Hardware & Software 

There is no doubt that the iPhone has much better hardware and software integrations. Just because of this it is much faster than Androids. We are already seeing from many past years that the iPhone is providing advantages to its users with its latest and fast hardware systems. The latest hardware technology that is implemented in the iPhone is its face ID recognition that logs you into the iPhone by using a 3D scan of your face. The face is recognized through the TrueDepth sensor. Many companies have tried to copy this hardware technology in their androids phones but no one succeeds. The iPhone also has good software and apps features. See how to backup WhatsApp messages on iPhone. 

Easiest Phone To Use

Many people think that it is very difficult and tricky to use an iPhone but once you have it and start using it it will become the easiest phone for you. Many Android makers promise to their users to streamline their skins but no one succeeds and iPhone remains the easiest phone to use. It is the second most important reason to buy an iPhone. The iPhone also has some enhancement such as the installation of Siri and Control Center. They add the ability to edit live photos, organizations of files via a proper files app, and you can also send payment to your friends in the messages. 

OS Updates When You Want  

If you have an iPhone it is happiness for you that you can update your OS whenever you want. It may hurt an android user that you cannot update the OS until the android phone itself shows a notification to you. Only then you will be able to install it according to your choice. Once you install and update everything you can enjoy its updations while the iPhone users can update the OS anytime when they want. It counts the most advanced reasons to buy an iPhone over Android.

reasons to buy an iPhone
With iPhone you can share family purchase and also can get online help.

Best Apps 

The iPhone provides you with the best apps. Both iPhone and Android have millions of apps but iPhone provides you with the best apps. The apple store offers much hottest software so you can download anyone. It is just like the Netflix of the app store. It will help you to keep the storage safe and free

No Bloatware 

Many Android makers such as Samsung and others succeed in minimizing the user’s pain by lumping all carrier bloatware into a single folder but it still takes up huge space in the mobile. But you will not find any pre-installed or preloaded carrier software to clean out of the box experience. iPhone may have stored and installed many apps that may not require such as iWatch, but they are more restrained than other manufacturers. 

Works Beautifully With Mac

Have you ever tried a make? If not then you should give it a try. The iPhone works very well with the Mac. it provides you with many facilities such as you can send or receive messages and you can also receive calls. All you need to do is just keep your mobile nearby. Anyhow my favourite feature is AirDrop, It provides you with the facility to transfer photos and videos easily from iPhone to MacBook using wifi. 

Apple Pay

Apple pay is becoming a popular method for making mobile payments. Android pay and Samsung pay are also some good options but still, Apple Pay is trending. Another thing is that it is also very friendly to use. All you need is just to bring your iPhone close to the supported payment terminal at the checkout counter and then press your finger on your phone’s Touch ID sensor. 

Family Sharing 

With iPhone, you can share the purchase of the Apple Store, iTunes, and iBook. You can share this purchase with almost 6 people. You can also have a personal account too and when your junior will try to buy something It will notify you and will ask for permission. 

Best Support & Help

When you have a problem and you have an android you can call someone or can find online solutions on forums and online carries. But when you have an iPhone and facing a problem you can simply tab into the database that has a number of useful and helpful articles on Apple’s website. You can also get help via live chat. 

These are some reasons that you should switch to iPhone. I hope these points let you know all the qualities and reasons to buy an iPhone. More it provides you with the best image stabilization. So you could enjoy a better quality that suits your choice. 

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