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10 Red Coloured Foods That Are Effective In Weight Loss


Red coloured foods are undoubtedly really helpful in weight loss. But they also have many advantages for human beings like tomatoes and red bell peppers can reduce the risk of diabetes, and high cholesterol. The deeper coloured foods mean that they are rich in phytonutrients while including antioxidant properties, minerals, and vitamins. These nutrients are helpful to prevent cancer, stronger the immune system, and also fight chronic illness. 

Red vegetables usually get hue and nutrients from lycopene and anthocyanin. Lycopene is a well-known antioxidant that can reduce heart disease risk, fight infection, protect the eyes, and also protect from damage from the smoking. While Anthocyanins is known to protect the liver, reduce blood pressure, improve eyesight, and reduce inflammation. 

Almost all know the advantages of red coloured foods in weight loss but still, we do not prefer them to eat. Here we are going to discuss in detail vitamins in red coloured foods and their benefits. 


Apples are really really effective and counted as well-known antioxidants. It does not only help to keep the doctor away but also provide benefits in weight loss. The good thing is that apples are less in calories. A medium-sized apple has 50 to 70 calories and has 4.4 grams of fiber in it. It means that you can also eat it as a high fiber food. This superfood helps your tummy to be full. According to research, women who ate an apple before a meal can lose 33% more weight than the women who do not prefer to eat it. 


We all know that watermelon is the only fruit that is full of water content. It is the only red coloured food that almost 90% of watermelon contain water which means that you cannot eat too many calories while eating watermelon. This fruit will keep you hydrated all day and it contains an amino acid called arginine which helps melt belly fat. You can eat watermelon anytime when you want. You can eat it as juice and cut it into slices to eat raw. 

Red Chilli 

If your hunger pangs you all day then you should add chilli to your diet. Red chillies are helpful to suppress diet and also burn more calories. But be careful while earring chillies. Too many chillies can be bad for your health and for your belly. If you want to eat then 1 to 2 chillies will be enough for you. 


Strawberries are also counted as a weight-loss food. It is also very helpful to boost your immunity system. Now doubt strawberries have many health benefits like it can keep your skin young. Strawberries are high in vitamin c that is why they boost up the metabolism too and make calories burn faster. 


Tomatoes are too low in calories. Can you imagine that if you eat 100 grams of tomatoes you can only consume 18 calories? It may look unbelievable but it is true that is why red coloured foods are called the healthier foods. That is why they are really helpful in weight loss. You can use tomatoes in salad, make a curry, grieve, and can make pasta sauce. You can also add it to your meal while cooking to add a specific flavour. 

red coloured foods
Red coloured foods contain a good amount of fibre and have a minimum amount of calories.


Cherries can improve your health in many ways because they are rich in antioxidants. If you are having a weight loss diet then you should add cherries to it. You can eat a handful of cherries from time to time. You can also eat them as snacks in the evening to deal with your hunger shots. A cup of cherries contains 50 calories. 


Beetroot is really beneficial for those who want to lose weight because it does not contain any fat. It is an ideal choice for diet-conscious persons because it has fiber that helps to lower cholesterol. It can keep your belly full for longer because it is energy-dense naturally. 

Red Bell Pepper 

Red bell pepper contains a chemical known as capsaicin that is really beneficial to speed up metabolism. It means that it is really helpful in weight loss. It will burn more fat so add red bell pepper to your diet. Moreover, if you eat one capsicum you will have only 19 calories. 


This red coloured food is also helpful in weight loss. It can lower blood pressure and can also improve your digestive system. As we know, pomegranates contain small seeds so if you eat a small or a handful of pomegranates you will feel full after eating this fruit. It is also rich in fiber. 


These berries are not only helpful in weight loss but also very beneficial to reduce inflammation, lower the risk of heart disease, and also reduce the risk of diabetes. 

These are the vitamins in red coloured foods and these are the benefits of red coloured foods in weight loss. There is no doubt that these foods are also helpful if you want to increase your HB level. 

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