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10 Types Of Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is a digital system of interchange of money. It is a computerized system for exchanging money. The record of belongings is cached in a ledger. This ledger occurs in the state of Powerful Cryptography. It was introduced by a cryptographer of America named D.Chuan in the year 1983. It is a system that uses decentralized authority. Only cryptocurrency units can be justified only by cryptography. The transactions are only permitted when belonging to an owner is altered. Although there are the least chances of fraudulent activities still some types offer such discrepancies.

All types of coins and tokens are in the category of Crypto which is further categorized in Altcoins( Alternative cryptocurrency coins)  and tokens.

The coins not included in the category of bitcoin but come under Altcoins. While The coins represented as bitcoins are categorized under Tokens.

 The following are given Some major types of cryptocurrencies.


It is a brand in cryptocurrency just like KFC or MacDonald’s. It is the most famous, recognizable, and identifiable type of cryptocurrency. The total number of bitcoin tokens circulating around the globe is almost reaching eighteen million. It also has a capped limit of nearly twenty-two million.

Bitcoin Cash

It is one of the most famous, favored, and approved by the general public. It is almost the most widely spread type of cryptocurrency. The major distinguishing feature of it is that its block size is eight megabytes while that of the original is only one megabyte. It has a very rapid velocity of processing.


Along with bitcoin, Litecoin is also the most used type of cryptocurrency. It was initiated in the year 2011 by a technocrat named Charlie Lee. Charlie Lee also worked at Google. It was discovered to ameliorate the bitcoin system. It has features like low transaction time and less fee.


It does not concentrate on digital currency. It may be referred to as an app store. Many cryptocurrency applications are available on this. The mobile producing companies have nothing to do with it. Although it gives full authority to the creator of the application. Ether is the token used in this system.


Ripple is that kind of cryptocurrency that is used for larger companies and organizations translocating a huge quantity of money but it’s not blockchain-based. It is not famous for XPR crypto but is brilliant for DPP (Digital Payment Protocol). It is suitable for transferring money in multiple states. It has the ability to control 15 hundred transactions per second while Bitcoin can helve 3 to 6 transactions per second.


The network of stellar is created in such a way that it works very rapidly and arduously. It is named so because of its founder named Jed McCaleb in 2014.

The main purpose of this system is to grow developing economies and to get people rid of the mythical baking system which exploits the general public. Another benefit of it is that it is free of cost. The crew cost is compensated by admitting tax reductions.



 Previously, it was known as Antshares which was initiated in China. It is in a great struggle to come into mainstream players.

A very important feature of this is that it doesn’t intermediary source and the users can directly interact with one another. The major advantages of it include better infrastructure, favorable contracts, and Digital resources. The main counterparts of Neo are Ethereum. Easy programming languages are used in this system.


This kind of exchange is used for exchange amounts. They assert that it’s more efficient and balanced with a brilliant ecosystem. Scientists have made many efforts and struggles and a lot of amelioration has been made in this regard.


 It is the acronym of the Internet of Things Application. It doesn’t work with a blockchain. It runs with smart mobiles on the Internet of Things (IoT). When the devices require, they must be capable of buying more electricity, bandwidth, storage, or data.


 Montero is a safe, trustable, and undetectable system of money exchange that is very reliable and trustworthy. It was initiated in April 2014. It soon touched the heights of success. It has a very important technique known as the “Ring Signature”.It ensures full privacy and security.

All types are versatile and diverse. Everyone has its own benefits and disadvantages and every client can find his or her corresponding or favorable type very easily.

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