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10 WARNING Signs That You’re Way Too Stressed


We all face some common and healthy emotional stresses like fear, sadness, and worry. This emotional stress can be handled with different techniques and home remedies, but they become worse when they start interfering in your daily activities and ability to do anything. If you have tried many different techniques and remedies and still they are not usable for you then do not worry here we are going to discuss it in detail. First, we will try to understand what actually stress is? And then we will discuss early warning signs of emotional stress. 

What Is Emotional Stress? 

We should understand that stress is a very normal emotional response that we normally face daily due to the pressure of life. Anger, fear, sadness, and worry are part of our daily life. But when these emotions interfere with our daily routine badly and we cannot do what we need to do or what we want, these emotions become harmful to our health. That is why it is too important to cope with these emotions. 

Warning Signs And Symptoms Of Emotional Stress

Just like other medical conditions, stress also slowly moves to become worse day by day. The symptoms of emotional stress can be physical, mental, and behavioural also. The symptoms and warning signs of emotional are mentioned below: 

Physical Symptoms: 

  • Severe headaches
  • Normal body aches and pain like shoulder pain, neck or back pain
  • Heaviness in chest 
  • Increase heart rate and 
  • Chest pain
  • Clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth
  • Dizziness 
  • Shortness of breath
  • Feeling anxious, depressed, and tired all the time 
  • Change in your eating habits
  • Losing or gaining weight
  • Sleeping more or less than usual 
  • Gastrointestinal problems

These are some physical symptoms that you may face when you have bad emotional stress. If you are feeling anxiety only then you can also cope with your anxiety with different simple techniques but serious emotional stress can only be dealt with some tricky techniques. 

Here are some mental and behavioural symptoms: 

  • Being more emotional 
  • Trouble keeping things remember 
  • Trouble keeping track of things 
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Trouble in decision making
  • Trouble in solving normal problems
  • Less concentration 
  • Doing unusual acts like taking drugs and alcohol to reduce stress
Stress can be coped with different healthy techniques and by adopting good habits.

How You Can Cope With Your Emotional Stress

It is very important to cope with this emotional stress. You can try different techniques and remedies to handle. If one is not working well then try something else. Some tricks are going to mention below that you can try, surely these will help you a lot in this regard. Must try one or more of the following

Take time and care of yourself 

It is the most important thing that you should take some time and take care of yourself. You can also devote from 5 to 15 minutes a few times in a single day. Take a deep breath and think about what reality is. You can also adopt some good activities like: 

  • Reading a book
  • Listening to a calm music
  • Take a walk
  • Practice yoga
  • Enjoy a smooth and long bath
  • Light a scented candle 
  • Sit in silence and close your eyes


Mindfulness is a learning technique in which you learn how to focus your attention. In this, you learn the physical changes in your body that happen if the response of your emotional changes. You will be fully aware of the mind and body connection. You will be able to learn how to manage your stress and how emotions affect your body. While learning this if you get the thing that can tackle your stress it means that you have found your stress trigger. 

Focus on something else

Focus your mind on one thing apart from what’s inflicting your stress. Do one thing fun. Watch a funny show, play a game, have interaction during a favourite hobby like paint, draw, take footage of nature, play along with your pet. you can volunteer for an activity to assist others. Do one thing with folks you get pleasure from. 

Practice medication

Medication is the major part that can redirect your thoughts. You can select what you think about like positive thoughts and comfortable memories. With proper medication practice, you can easily manage your emotions and can also reduce your emotional stress. 

When You Should Get Help For Emotional Stress

If you have got any of the symptoms of emotional stress and have tried one or a lot of the remedies mentioned in this article and have not found relief then you should get some professional help. If you are feeling swamped and cannot manage your emotions and stresses on your own, look for the assistance of an expert. If you’re stuck on an exceeding track and cannot get yourself out, look for professional help immediately. 

You can directly go to a therapist and counsellor because they are professionally trained to reduce and cope with emotional stress. They will handle you in a good way and you will feel better day by day. 

What Else You Can Do To Manage Your Emotional Stress 

All you need is to take care of yourself and try to cope with this emotional stress that is affecting your ability to work. You can also try these things to take care of yourself in the best way. 

  • Get good sleep 
  • Maintain a healthy diet 
  • Take a soothing bath before bed 
  • Have exercise regularly 
  • Stay connected with family and friends 

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