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10 Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore In Your Pets


As we all know that pets cannot tell us when something is wrong with them. So it is important __ if you notice the following 5 signs in your pets then pay close attention to them. 

1 Heavy Puffing 

It is normal for dogs and pets to pant and puff after charging toys, running, and after spending time outdoors, especially on a warm day. 

But heavy puffing is not normal for dogs and other pets. Heavy puffing also lasts longer than normal puffing that normally relates to the excitement, playtime, or cooling down. 

This heavy puffing means and maybe a concern that your pet is in pain. Your pet could suffer from heatstroke, heart failure, poison, Cushing’s disease, pneumonia, or lung tumours. 

2 Drooling 

Drooling is also a very normal thing for dogs, especially for boxer dogs. But excess drooling is a sign that your dog or pet is facing some health issues with them. 

Instantly, excess drooling could be a sign of heatstroke, some dental issues such as tooth abscess or periodontitis. your pet may have chomped down something bad and now that is irritating or burned his mouth___ some toxic plant could also be eaten that can cause neurological problems. 

3 Excess Consumption Of Water 

You may see pets slurp away at the water, perhaps even lie down or straddle the water bowl following playtime, especially outdoors or play on a warm day. 

But revolving around the pet bowl all the time is not normal. If your pet is drinking too much water, it can be a sign of kidney failure, Mellitus, diabetes, Cushing’s disease, pyometra in unspayed female dogs, and psychogenic polydipsia related to behavioural issues but not due to disease. 

Note that__ excess panting can also lead to heavy drinking. 

4 Change In Behaviour 

Every change in your pet such as moodiness, unprovoked aggression, hyperactivity, fearfulness, erratic temperament, anxiety, obedience__ inactivity, not playing with toys, prefer to be alone in a separate room, lying down very uncomfortable, and lack of appetite__ all are a very strong sign that something is wrong with your pet. 

These behavioural changes can be because of many health issues such as thyroid dysfunction in dogs, hyperthyroidism in cats, while some other medical conditions are pancreatitis, cancer, arthritis, skin allergies, parasites,  heart disease or an injury.

Well, pain and discomfort are the common signs of behaviour change. 

pet care
pet care

5 Change In Aroma 

Note that__ healthy pets can never stink or have any bad smell, but if your pet has started to smell differently, such as bad breath, stinky skin or ears, or some other smelling gas, this is a sign of a problem. 

Bad breath is a sign of dental disease, oral melanoma, diabetes, or kidney failure while smelling ears are surely a sign of ear infection. 

Stinky skin can be because of allergies, seborrhea or bacterial or yeast infections.

If you notice any of these signs in your pet then don’t wait just take your pet to immediate examination. 

6 Coughing 

A little cough is always normal for dogs but a continuous cough can be a cause of concern. A normal cough is not an emergency but bad coughing can be a serious issue with your pet. This issue can be related to allergies, kennel coughing, an injury to the throat, pneumonia, lungs disease, or could be a heart-related disease. 

7 Vomiting 

Vomiting, gagging, and retching are also some kind of warning signs in your pets. Your pets could have eaten something harmful or exotic. These signs should never be ignored in your pets and take them to the doctors immediately. Maybe your pet is facing some kind of allergy or experiencing bloat. Bloat is also a very serious issue while facing your pet may be restless and do excess drooling. 

8 Less Appetite 

If your dog had a lazy day and then refused to eat then it is normal you should not worry about it. But if your dog is refusing food several times continuously then you should call take it to check up. Maybe he is feeling stomach pain and they could also have teeth problems and more. First, it is important to get to know what is bad happening with your pet then back it to normal vitamins. 

9 Extreme Fatigue 

Every pet could face a lazy day after heavy activity. But if your pet is not gaining energy even after resting the overall day then it’s time to call the doctors.  It is not normal that your pet feels extreme fatigue and takes a rest every time. Your pet may experience illness and some other serious issues. 

10 Trouble In Urinating 

If your pet is feeling trouble while urinating then it is a sign that something is wrong with your pet. Your pet may be facing a stomach problem, which can be a urinary tract infection that can be treated easily and sometimes can be very serious. 

If you notice any of these signs in your pet then don’t wait just take your pet to immediate examination. 

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