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10 Ways To Clear Storage Space In iPhone


If we talk about storage space, so it is an area or place which is specially designed for holding or stored objects safely. Mostly our mobile is full of wasted junk, even we don’t know about that. Our mobile phone has also storage for holding pics, videos, documents, and many other things. Most of us receive a notification like insufficient storage.  The major reason for mobile storage full is, that mobile automatically storing backup from the old devices. We always want to click HD pic and these high-quality pictures and videos carry most of the storage of the mobile. It’s not a problem with androids but also on iPhone, we have to face this problem. But you have no need to take tension about it. Because every problem has its solution.

So here, I am going to share some best solutions that may help you to solve your problem.

Check Out Usage

The first and foremost thing we should do to clear our mobile storage is to check out our usage, to find out which app takes the most space on our mobile. For this purpose, simply open your setting. Then go to general, here you can easily find the option of usage below. Then you see an option to manage storage. Once you click this option, all the records about space usage will be open in front of you. Each app with its user data is mentioned there. Here you can find which app is using excess space, simply remove that app from your mobile.

Check Out App Storage Space

No doubt in manage storage, it is cleared that which app is taking how much space. But some apps are apparently taking low space but when we download any file related to them they automatically start to take excess space from the mobile. Like if we take the example of Spotify, it is an app that carries only 56 Mb storage. But if downloads a lot of music on our mobile, it takes a hilarious amount of space and simply it takes 56 Mb but then it takes up to 2GB.  For this purpose, you have to click each and every app on manage storage and check the internal download storage space also.

Delete Unnecessary Games

Some of us fond of games, so they always installed new games on our mobile. But they forget to delete the older one. Like there are many games we play in past but now we move on to Pubg and free fire. So many game apps are unused on our mobile and taking a lot of space. We should delete those unused games app from mobile. Some games usually show that they take small space like Oregon trail uses 1.2 GB.

iphone x
iPhone storage can become free with very few and simple steps.

You always think that if you delete your older games app, then you lost your scores. But at the same time, you should think about your mobile memory. Because if you delete any app you can redownload it for further use. But the accumulation of many apps on mobile may disturb or harm your mobile.

Delete Older Songs And Podcasts

Some of us are habitual of listing older podcasts and serial again and again. So we always store our favorite podcasts and serial in our mobile storage. But you even can’t imagine a podcast of 30- minutes take 25 MB. So if there is a lot of podcasts are stored on your mobile then it leads to full storage space and you cannot store anything anymore. So simply delete watched videos and serials. If you want to watch again then simply watch them online.

Delete Unnecessary Messages

We have a lot of unnecessary messages in our inbox storage. The majority of us think that messages do not carry any space, but this concept is wrong. So delete the older messages from time to time. Otherwise, iOS 8 introduced a new feature of automatically expiring messages. So you just simply activate that feature and make your storage space free. For this simply go to setting, there select the option of messages, and select under keeping the message. Now there is available different duration like one year, month, 15 days. set your time according to your desire.

Store Your Pics And Videos In Dropbox

We always keep our pic and videos in our mobile storage. We should save our all pics or videos on Google or Dropbox. By doing so you will get two advantages like your mobile storage to become free and on Google, you have unlimited storage. You can also store videos of less than 15 minutes on dropbox or Google.

Don’t Use Photo-Stream

We use photostream on our mobile to scan our photos. iPhone photo stream scans the last 1000 pics automatically. If think about it carefully so it means that, it storing that 1000 photos twice. So in this way, mobile storage becomes full. So stop doing this. Don’t use photostream. 

Off Your HDR Mode

If your HDR is on auto mode,  it means your mobile saves one pics twice. So Also take care of it and off the auto mode from the setting. Only store the pics captured from a simple mobile camera in low light and shadow.

Listen To Music Online

If you are addicted to music or ring tones of mobiles then you don’t have to store all the music or tone on your mobile. Simply sign up in iTunes Match. It cost only 25$ per year. 

Delete Cache From Setting

If you deleted all the unnecessary data from your mobile but still you get a notification of insufficient space. It means you have to clear the cache also. Because of iPhone stores, our web browsing history. For this simply open your setting and scroll down, here you get an option of the clear cache. Simply clear it.

These all are simple methods that you can easily adopt. It may be so helpful for you.

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