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10 Ways To Clear Storage Space On The iPhone


Smartphones have become a part of life. But the thing that disturbs us the most is its storage so here we are going to discuss clear storage space on the iPhone. iPhone can be full of junk. Sometimes we have data we do not have. Surprisingly if you have a 16 GB of mobile you cannot use the overall 16 GB memory. There are many software and apps that are installed when we buy them. 

But it’s ok because we have found 10 simple ways that can clear your iPhone storage. Check these 10 tips and try them on your phone. 

Check Your Usage

First, thoroughly check the overall storage of your phone. You may have the data that you do not want. This data takes the most storage of your iPhone. This can cause unexpected storage. If you have unexpected storage data then follow these steps. 

  • Go to general 
  • Then usage 
  • And then manage store 

You will see how much storage you have used already and how much storage you have available on the screen. Below you will see the apps that are ranked and take lots of space on your iPhone. You can remove the apps that are not usable and take space else. 

Apps’s Internal Downloads

In the managed store, you will see a number of apps that are installed and taking up the space of the iPhone. But there are many apps that are taking less space to install but they have a wide number of files that are downloaded internally. The apps themselves are small but they have many files that can take up the iPhone storage. An example of this app is Spotify. This app takes only 56 MB but if you have a wide range of songs then this app will take a huge amount of storage. This tip will help you the most to free up space on your iPhone. 

Delete Unused Games 

Many games are small but they can take up a huge space in the iPhone just because of the high video graphic qualities just like the Oregon Trail takes 1.2 GB storage. Some 3D games also take more than 1 GB of space. These games should be uninstalled if you have played them and have no more interest. Some old games are also hidden in the iPhone. Whether you have deleted them they still have some installed files that we do not know. You should check them and delete them from storage. If you want to play them again you can simply re-download them. 

Remove Old Podcast & Videos

You may have many serial podcasts that you have watched. Are you going to watch it again and again? If not then just delete them. A 30 minutes podcast can take 25 MB of storage. Now think if you have many podcasts and videos, your iPhone can take a huge space. Just swipe left and delete these podcasts. You will have storage for some new podcasts. 

The same things go with videos you may have watched many videos that must be applied on Whatsapp status also. Now it’s time to delete them. Within the music, apps swipe left and delete them. 

iphone storage
You can use the cloud options rather than the manual options on iPhone.

Automatically Expire Messages

You can automatically set the expiry date of old messages with iOS. If you like to read old messages for the passage of time or leisure time then do not set this rule but if you don’t like then set an expiry date for the messages. This option is much easier to delete messages rather than delete every single message manually. For this purpose: 

  • Go to settings
  • Messages 
  • Click on keep messages 
  • Select options that you like such as 1 year or 30 days of the expiry date

You can also set an expiry date for audio messages and videos. 

Use Google+ & Dropbox For Storing Photos

You may not want to remove all of your photos from the phone. Maybe you will need them in the future. But what about the storage. For this purpose, you can also store your images into a cloud system such as Dropbox and Google+. This method will help you to save the storage space of the iPhone. Google+ gives you unlimited storage space. It also provides you with the facility to store videos but less than 15 minutes. All you need to do is install the Google+ app and then make a google account if you do not have but if you have one, then this step is not for you. Now select Auto backup under the app’s setting. 

Stop Using Photo Streaming 

The iPhone already has an automatic photo streaming sync at your last 1000 photos. It means that it is storing 1000 photos automatically that can take up to 1 GB of iPhone storage. But do not worry about this, just turn off the streaming whenever you send photos from your iPhone to another mobile and tablet. For this: 

  • Go to setting
  • Scroll down and search photos & camera and click 
  • Now toggle of my stream photos 

Save HDR Photos Only 

You may notice that your iPhone is storing 2 photos at the same time. It means that your iPhone is storing HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos.  This would happen to you all the time if you have an active and automated HDR mode. Well, the normal camera settings are best if you want to capture images in low light and in shadow. If you want to shoot photos in HDR then just remove the normal photos. 

  • Go to setting
  • Select photos & camera
  • Scroll to the bottom and deselect keep normal photos

Sign Up For A Streaming Music Service

Now there is no need to download every single song and to keep it on the mobile device. You can download the whole album and can listen to this any time. You can simply purchase an iTunes app for 25$ per year. This app will help you to store music via the cloud and you can download any album. 

Find the “Other” section on iTunes and restore your phone

You will see other options in your iPhone storage iTunes including your Email, web browsing data, and music. These files sometimes get corrupted and cover more storage than they should. To tackle this problem you need to back up your data and restore your phone on iTunes. 

These are some tricks and tips that you can follow to free up space on your iPhone. 

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