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11 Tips To Avoid Acne


Acne is a skin disease that occurs when the oil-secreting from the skin clog with the hair follicle. The second reason for acne is the clogging of dead skin cells with the hair follicles. This skin disease can change into severe forms like the formation of blackheads, whiteheads. It is maybe due to excessive oil secretion from oil glands due to hormone imbalance, severe acne on the face leads to anxiety, depression, and some people committed suicide. Sometimes it is due to genetic problems. Many treatments are available for this disease like a Hygienic lifestyle, and many other laser treatments, but laser treatment can burn your skin. So a natural way to get rid of acne is a hygienic lifestyle.

Here some tips are described below to avoid acne naturally:

Wash Your Face Properly

The best thing to avoid acne is to wash your face properly. Because if you don’t wash your face then dust sticks on your face and maybe trapped deep into the skin. In summer, the sweating process is going on so we have to wash sweat properly. Always use an organic cleanser to wash your face because they are less harsh and irritating. Also, keep in mind that you should always choose an alcohol-free cleanser for your face. Wash your face with normal warm water, avoid hot water because it may burn your face skin cells. Apply cleanser gently on your face, rub the cleanser in a circular motion. After washing the face, use a clean towel to wet your face.

Know About your Skin Type

It is important to test your skin type first. If you don’t know how to test then consult a doctor. Because knowing about skin type is very necessary to avoid pimples, because every product can not be used on every skin type. Oily skin has more chances of getting pimples as compared to other skin types. So for oily skin, we should always use oil removing products. Another type of combination skin has also a chance to get acne because the region has more oil secretion. So the question here is why it is important to know about the skin type, because if you know your exact skin type then you always prefer those products which are mainly designed for your skin type.

Use Moisture

We all do a big mistake that is avoiding moisturizer. Because we think that moisture can make our skin more oily, but this concept is completely wrong as moisture keeps your skin hydrated and also plays an important role in stopping oil secretion. But always choose fragrance-free moisture. In fact, give preference to organic lotion products. After washing your face let it dry and then immediately apply moisture to it. Moisture is also helpful in making the skin glowing. It has a factor in anti-aging. The chance of wrinkles reduced by using appropriate moisture.

Consume Enough Water

Consume enough water that is necessary for your body’s hydration. Because dehydration leads to more oil secretion and as a result acne form on our face. Because if we consume enough water then our blood regulation is fast because waters add into the blood and make it dilute. Water is also necessary for the detoxifying process.  Because water helps in detoxifying toxic material in our body. So by using water our body becomes clean and our skin also. We should at least take 8 glasses of water in a day.

Avoid Makeup

The majority of us try to cover our acne with makeup, but we forget that by using makeup we are clogging our pores and say welcome to acne. Some of us use foundation, greasy liquids as a primer. These products can irritate our skin. Also, there is a fragrance addition in makeup products that causes severe acne so we should avoid makeup.

Don’t Touch Your Face With Unwashed Hands

We use our hands in different work throughout the day. So our hand gets bacteria and germs, if we touch our face with dirty hands then it leads to acne, so we should avoid touching our face until we are not sure about sanitizing our hands. This easiest tip may help you a lot to get rid of acne.

Acne skin condition
Acne skin condition

Eat Hygienic Food

Always eat hygienic food. We rely on junk food that disturbs our stomach and then our stomach produces many acidic secretions that may affect our skin and cause acne.

Avoid Soft Drinks

Avoid taking soft drinks because a small quantity of soda is added to soft drinks. The soda and alcohol in soft drinks disturb the stomach and it leads to acne.

Apply Sunscreen On Face

Ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun are harmful to our skin. So we make sure that we expose our skin to the sun very limitedly. It may be good for us if we wear sunscreen if we want to go outside. Sunscreen for all skin types is available in the market.

Use Natural Products

Try to treat your acne with natural products like honey, gram flour, and mud mask. Avoid using a chemical-based mask to treat acne. It may damage your skin instead of healing.

Apply Appropriate Toner

Use toner according to your skin type after face wash. Toner reduced the chance of acne by up to 50%. Even tea tree oil can also be used as a toner, apply it for 30 minutes and then wash it. If you don’t want to wash toner then rose water is best for toner.

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