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12 Tips To Avoid Flu


It is a viral disease that is responsible for damaging your respiratory system. It usually attacks your nose and throat but in severe cases, it can cause serious damages. So there is a need to overcome such factors that are responsible for this disease.

There are some safety measures that can prevent you from such a type of disease. There are some points that should be considered and are listed below:

Maintain social Distance

As it is usually caused by contact and exposure to such a type of environment that provides an opening for this disease.  So the person having the flu should maintain social distancing from others. In this way, distancing can be beneficial, and safety can be assured

Avoid Exposure To Cold

Exposure to cold weather can cause flu and you also have to survive in every type of environment, so during the cold season, you can wear masks due to which the wetness can’t affect your nose while you breathe.

Be In Shelter While You Are Sick

If you are sick then you have to bound yourself in your shelter for some time. This will not only make sure the safety of others who belong to you but also prove to be a good remedy for you as well. You also have to cover your mouth when you cough, because it will restrict the fluid or sneezing particles from scattering in the environment and affecting others present nearby.

Do A Proper Vaccination

For a better cure, you have to do proper vaccination to prevent yourself from the flu. Vaccination will not only prevent you from seasonal flu but will also prevent you from these types of diseases in the future.

Avoid Physical Contact

Physical touching is a route for spreading this disease. If a person having flu, coughs, he should cover his mouth with his hands, and when he shakes hands with anyone, this disease spreads like fire.

If you feel any symptoms of this disease like sneezing and coughing, you have to consult your doctor.

Cleaned Object Timely

The person having the flu should make sure that the objects he is using are cleaned from time to time. The office in which he works should be made hygienic.

Flu can be handled at time if we take proper care and follow the prescription of doctor.

Use Dry Fruits

The diet you take should be healthy, if you want to survive in a cold environment you have to use dry fruits and dates which enables your body to remain warm from within. And the person having this disease should avoid eating a cold diet like ice creams and fast food because eating such type of stuff enhances the rate of flu action

Clean Your Hands After Sneezing

Clean your hands in the wake of sneezing or cleaning out your nose. When utilizing cleanser and water, rub foamy hands for some time and wash them properly with clean water and make your hands dry. In some cases, there is no water or soap available for washing hands so you have to use sanitizer hand rub. Just pour a little amount of sanitizer on your hand and rub both hands until your hands dry.

Live In Optimize Temperature

A person who is affected by the flu should optimize the temperature of the room in which he is living because it is very temperature and environment-sensitive.

Avoid Public Transport

Using public transport for an affected person is dangerous for others who use the same transport. As we know the person having the flu has to make himself bound so he should use his private transport and if does not have private transport he must avoid using public transport frequently and use public transport with full safety measures in severe cases.

Sanitize All The Objects Of Usage

When you work in any office, you must use the objects and gadgets and you have to touch with your hand, in this case, you don’t know whether these objects are clean or malignant. And after touching any object you touch your face, eyes, and mouth, etc.  The safety measure you can use in this case is your gloves. You have to put on gloves every time in the place or any office where you work. This will allow you to work even in a malignant place without touching the objects with your hands.

Do Proper Exercise

For making yourself free from these types of infectious diseases you have to make yourself fit for every environment. You have to do proper exercise to make your body strong to tackle such kinds of troubles.

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