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18 reasons that explain you are an introvert


Introversion is a personality that believes in internal feelings rather than external feelings. If you want to find some introvert around you then focus on a personality that sits alone in the party because normally an introvert does like that. Normally, introverts do not like to talk much and they always try to live alone does not matter what happens. They focus on the internal feelings, they only feel comfortable with the one they love. Sometimes, they never try to attend any occasion and any event like weddings and parties. Many people around us literally do not understand the real meaning of personality. It is not important that if someone is not speaking and sitting alone with a serious face. Maybe this because he has some personal issues. Anyhow, in this article, we will discuss some signs that will explain and help you to find an introverted person. We prepared a list that is easy for you. 

Small talks are not their things:

An introverted personality normally finds small talk annoying for herself or himself. They do not focus and do not take interest in small talks. Rather than introverts if we see an extrovert he or she usually starts talking with small talks and then they spend a lot of time idle talking. Some people also have doubts that an introvert gets nervous while small talking. This is not because they hate this, it is because they do not like artificial barriers between two personalities. 

An introvert goes to parties not to meet people: 

Introverts do not go to parties to meet new people. Usually, they do not like to make some new friends. Maybe they go to the parties to see what the party is representing like food and drinks or some dances. But they do not especially attend the parties to make some new friends. They mostly like to sit alone at the party with some known personality. 

They feel alone in a crowd

It is a normal thing that everyone sometimes feels alone in the crowd. But an introvert always feels himself or herself alone at the party. As we discuss in the previous sign that an introvert does not like to make new friends that is why if he does not find any known personality at the party then surely he will feel alone. Basically, they do not like invitations and if they accept the invitations and prefer to go they usually feel alone even in a normal crowd. 

introvert personality
An introvert feels alone in crowd and even in events.

Networking makes them feel fake

An introvert never feels networking of friends feel safe and real. Introverts find networking ingenious. They do not believe that it is a real thing but they take it as a fake show-off thing. 

Introvert becomes too intense

An introvert becomes too intense while discussing some topics. Even if we are discussing simple topics they make it so intense and start reading up on the internet. This is because they always enjoy the deeper territories of almost everything. 

They are easily distract

Give introverts a lot of work and then start judging, focus on them you will see that they are easily distracting with every small thing. In simplest words, an introvert easily gets distracted by the environment with an excess of stimulation.

Downtime does not feel wrong

Introverts do not feel bored while alone for a whole day without doing anything. They can sit idle for a very long time. Sometimes, it feels as if they are in their battery recharging mood and that is why they are sitting alone. Even sometimes introverts seem to be unproductive. 

Large crowds are better than individuals

It is an interesting point regarding an introvert. Introverts prefer to speak to a large number of people rather than individuals. This is the reason some introverts prove to be a great leader and public speaker. 

They sit at the end of a bus

An introverted personality does not like to be surrounded by people. It does not matter whether it is a normal social gathering or a bus they always try to search for a place that is not surrounded by people. They prefer to sit aside from where they can easily escape. 

Need a recharging period

Introverts tend to be tired after doing something within a couple of hours. They also become unresponsive after doing something too long. Maybe this is their way of switching energy conversion mode. 

Introverts date extroverts

It is one of the prominent examples that an introvert like to date an extrovert. This is maybe because of the positive vibes of energy that an extrovert spread with its behavior. 

Valentines Day introvert extrovert
Normally, introverts like to date extroverts because of its entertaining behaviour.

They prefer specializing rather than knowing everything

An introverted personality always focuses on the specialization of some skills rather than a little bot know-how of anything. They do not want to become a jack of all trades but they spend their all energy and time learning and mastering a specific task.

Avoid show with audience participation

As the headline of this sign defines itself everything. An introvert does not like a spot of light on him or her while in the middle of the show. Even if the host asks them a question or to perform some task. 

Introverts do not like phone calls

Introverts always like to avoid phone calls even if it is from a person they like a lot. But they have the guts to call back again once they are mentally ready and have energy. 

They keep talking inside their heads

Introverts have a habit and are fond of being in constant conversation with themselves. They always remain busy while talking with themselves. They always take a lot of time and think 10 times before acting upon it. 

They have low blood pressure

According to new research done in Japan, introverts have low blood pressure problems as compared to extroverts.

Introverts are called “wise”

Introverts are usually called wise because of their action thinking. Even introverts also know that they are called introverts. They think a lot while speaking and as a result, they proved wiser. 

They are asked to come out from their shell

The Majority of introverts are often asked to come out from their shell to come and meet new people. They are asked to socialize and to participate in a specific class. 

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