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It is super hard to know which food is healthy for you and which one is harmful to you. Almost everyone tries to avoid unhealthy food to remain fit and does not want to gain weight. It is also very important to know to prevent dangerous illnesses. You can live a healthy life only when you have healthy food. It is so essential for you to intake healthy food. In this article, we are going to discuss some foods that should be avoided if you want to stay healthy and want to live a healthy life. We also have found some alternates for you so that you can enjoy a healthy and tasty life. 

Here, we have created a list of good foods for you below: 

Sugary Drinks & Foods

It is important to avoid sugar as much as you can. Every food and drink that contains sugar becomes very dangerous food for you. It is like a poison for your health. All Sugar drinks are significantly harmful to you. Whenever you consume sugar in large amounts, it can drive your insulin resistance. There are also chances that you can get fatty liver problems. A glass of normal soft drink contains 10 to 12 spoons of sugar. After consuming such you can easily get diabetes problems. You may also face some serious heart disease issues. Some people prefer to have soft drinks because they think it is a good modern diet. But as a result, they get obese and problems and fat. 


There is also an alternative to sugary drinks and food that you can enjoy. As sugar is also an important part of life that is why it also has to be taken but in a good way. You can drink only freshwater, soda water, coffee, and tea. You can also have detox drinks and for that add a slice of lemon, some pieces of cucumber, and a very little piece of ginger in it. These ingredients will increase the flavor of the water. 


Have you ever heard from someone that they got stomach pain after eating pizzas? This is because the ingredients that are used in the pizzas are really harmful. It is also a dangerous food for health. All the ingredients all totally unhealthy. It is the most famous Junk food that is selling out widely and people love eating this unhealthy food. Pizzas also contain a high amount of calories. It is pretty good to start avoiding pizzas on time. 


It’s ok if you do not want to avoid pizzas and have fallen in love with them. We have some alternatives for you to solve this problem. You should prefer homemade pizzas that will be very healthy for you. It is the most healthy alternative to commercially made pizza. In commercial pizzas, chefs are using highly processed ingredients. But you can use healthy ingredients for you. 

unhealthy pizza
Commercial pizzas contain highly processed ingredients on that.

Sweetened Breakfast Cereals

Let me clear one thing to you all breakfast cereals are made with highly processed cereals grains such as wheat, rice, oats, and corn. These foods are highly famous for children to eat in the morning as breakfast with milk. The point is that to make this breakfast more palatable all the grains are shredded, roasted, pulped, and flaked. These are really high in sugar. As we have shared all the bad aspects of sugar before, So, automatically it is really bad for you to eat that much sugar at a time. It is highly dangerous food for you. Having this kind of unhealthy food will make your life a disaster. 


Thanks to the alternates of breakfast cereals. You can have breakfast cereals that contain a good amount of fiber and add less sugar. 

Fried, Broiled, And Grilled food 

We literally do not know that grilling, frying, and boiling food in a wrong can be very harmful to your health. It can become the most dangerous food for you. When you cocked your food in a high amount of oil, it automatically becomes more palatable and calories dense. When food is cooked under high heat it becomes more harmful.


If you want to have good and healthier alternatives to fried food then just simply use simple and lighter cooking methods such as boiling and stewing. 

Pastries, Cakes, And Cookies

We have discussed everything about the sugary food above. Now you can understand the harmful effects of these sugary products on your health. These all are very dangerous foods to eat. If you start eating them in excess then it will become a poison for you. All the pastries and pancakes that are made in the hotels are made with refined sugar, wheat flour, and also have fats. It is very important for you to skip this unhealthy food. 


There are some alternatives for you if you do not want to skip pastries. Have yogurt, fresh fruits, try dark chocolates too. 

French Fries And Potato Chips

Just immediately stop eating french fries and packed potato chips immediately. We all know that the whole white potatoes are really healthy to eat but not in the form of french fries and chips. These products contain a high amount of calories and are very unhealthy for you. Some research also highlights that these foods become the cause of fat. 


There are many alternatives that you can have instead of frying potatoes. As the potatoes are healthy to consume you can make them healthier by boiling them. It will become the best food for you. 

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