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7 Tips To Avoid Dark Circles


The dark circle is a common problem of every male and female. A person having dark circles looks older than his actual age. If we do not care about it, it may become worse. Dark circles are common in a person who has Hyperpigmentation. Fatigue is a common reason for dark circles. Sleep denial makes our skin dull and feeble. Aging is also a causing factor of the dark circles. So dark circles are a serious issue, we should properly take care of them.

I am going to share some tips that help you to get rid of dark circles.

Take Proper Sleep

Take proper rest. An adult person should at least sleep for 8 hours. If you do not take proper rest, it may lead to dullness and paling of skin. Due to sleep refusal, blood clogging causes the under-eye area and your eyes give a puffy look.  Due to this swelling blood vessels which are in dark colors easily visible from the outer layer of our skin. And this seems like dark circles. So the easiest thing that we can do to avoid dark circles is to take proper sleep. Taking proper sleep has another advantage like you feel fresh for the whole day. It also slows down the aging process. If you do sleep dissent then indirectly boost up your aging process. Due to aging fats and collages become reduced. These both fat and collagen are necessary for the elasticity of the skin. So proper sleep diminishes many major problems.

Stop Staring Objects

We use our eyes for staring purposes most of the time. Like even kids spend most of their time watching television.  We should advise our children to watch tv from the optimal distance.  As the human eye can not maintain its focus if the object is at a distance of less than 25cm. And usually, children stare tv, mobile very closely. The radiation emitted from these implants, that can damage our eye or under-eye area. So staring at things very closely and continuously also leads to dark circles. So don’t stare at anything very closely and save your eyes.

Consult Your Doctor

Sometimes we are affected by some diseases, but due to our carelessness, it affects our eyes as well as other regions of the body. Like during allergy many bacteria which are extremely harmful like histamine released. These harmful bacteria can cause redness, itchiness also causes puffiness. And the severe condition of all these symptoms leads to a dark circle. As we know whenever we have an allergic reaction then we want to rub and scratch the eye under the area or rounded area of the eyes. Allergy mainly affects the eyes. So whenever we get any symptoms of allergy we should consult with doctors and get treatment immediately.

Take Enough Water

The major mistake that is commonly done to take less water. Our bodies required water to perform each and every function efficiently. So by consuming less amount of water, leads to dehydration. And by dehydration, your skin becomes dry and dull. Dryness also leads to dark circles. So less water consumption is the major cause of dark circles. We should consume 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to fulfill the requirement of our body\ies. To avoid dark circles, keeping the body hydrated is an important point of concern.

dark circle
Dark circles can fade your beauty so it should be treated on time.

Apply Sunscreen

When we expose our skin to the sun.  So radiation emitted from the sun can disturb our skin. These radiations force skin to produce excess amounts of melanin especially under the eye area. So the excess melanin causes pigmentation. So it leads to dark circles. We should put on sunscreen to save ourselves. And make sure to reduce our skin contact with sun rays directly.

Apply Cold Compress

If we apply a cold compress then it may help us to get rid of swelling and puffy skin. This cold compress helps you to reduce dark circles to a great extent. Wrap an ice cube and gently apply the cube under the eye area. Hope so it should be very helpful.

Soak With Tea Bags

You can also treat your under-eye area with tea bags. If you apply cold tea bags it can reduce all blackness, dullness from your eyes and give you a perfect look. So it is one of the easiest methods to soak the under-eye region with tea bags.

Eyes are the window of our soul. we should take care of their appearance.

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