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8 Organic Products For Skin


Organic products are mainly known for food items but there are some products that are completely produced from organic agriculture and known as organic agriculture. The main feature of Organic products is that there is no side effect of these products.

The best 8 organic products for dry skin are given below:

Khaina Face Cream

Khaina is an organic product and this product is suitable for all skin types it can be used either in the morning or evening. In this, the addition of argan oil makes its effect more effective. Also some other organic ingredients like grape-derived resveratrol and polyphenols. The all above ingredients play important role in deep hydration, soothing. This cream acts on lighting dark spots and minimizes the fine lines. It has a light fragrance but without the addition of’s available at a very affordable price like only 104$. Another name for this cream is giving beauty.

Le Pur Rose Face polish

This is a completely organic product. This polish has a mixture of luxurious pink French clay and 100% organic components. As it is fully organic so it has no side effects. This cream acts as an exfoliator of skin. Make skin brighten and give the skin a natural glow. This polish is introduced by the le pur brand. This rose polish also acts as a cleanser. It does not spread any artificial glow, in fact, your natural glow remains the same. It helps in removing the dead layer of the skin. It contains many organic ingredients like rose powder, rose extract, and many other organic luxurious ingredients.

Black Beauty

Black beauty is a fabulous organic soap. Black beauty is activated charcoal soap. This soap is effective for acne-prone and blackheads. Many problems like acne scars, dark spots, healing inflammation, and suntan resolve by using this handsome activated charcoal soap. A small amount of tea tree oil makes it more effective. Black beauty is not like other sops, as there are no harmful ingredients. 100% of natural ingredients are used. It cleans dirt from your face very deeply. It also play role in maintaining the ph of the skin. We can use this cream at day & night time as well.  There is no addition of artificial fragrance.

Le Pur Sugar scrub

Sugar scrub is organic. It only exfoliates the skin, also removes the dead skin layer and a natural glow. After using sugar scrub you can feel your skin become super smooth. It helps in minimizing dead & dull skin texture. By this scrub, we can also clean our pores clearly. Mostly people using homemade sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin. This sugar scrub is available in jars, pure sugars grains are used in this scrub instead of plastic beads. It has no side effects on the skin. It helps a lot in resolving the problem of uneven skin tone. Its ingredients are sugar, coconut oil, olive oil, Vitamin E, turmeric powder, and a small amount of baking soda ( sodium carbonate).

Anti Acne Mask ( Kishmish)

This is a totally organic mask.  It is an anti-acne cream and also stimulates the collagen level. Wrinkles will be diminished by using this cream. This cream can be preserved for a long time in the refrigerator. This is also known as a pimple fighter mask. Neem was used from ancient times till now. As neem has healing properties. It is mainly used in the cure of acne and any sort of itchiness. This mask is effective for dry skin. Anti-acne masks give a bright look. Due to the addition of neem in this mask, it has many antibacterial properties.

Nutrition Hair mask

This hair mask is totally organic. This hair mask is introduced by wowo. Many natural ingredients blend in this hair mask like collagen, Shea butter, seaweed moisturising extract, jojoba oil, wheat germ protein. The benefit of using the nutrition mask of wowo is that it makes your hair very soft, shiny, and strong. This nutrition hair mask is formulated without the addition of any mineral oil. The main function of this mask is repairing the damaged portion of the hair. And there is no addition of silicon in this hair mask. You can use this mask after washing your hair.

Eye cream

The majority of people have to face the problem of dark circles, dark spots, fine lines,s and wrinkles around the eyes. The under-eye is the most sensitive part of the face. So inorganic compounds can not be used under the eye portion. So wowo introduced an organic eye cream.  Many effective ingredients like Lupinus Albus, Coleus Forskohlii, camellia sinenssus, etc ingredients are used. It is suitable for all skin types. It is marvellous for anti-aging. It also plays an important role in puffiness also in brightening the eye area.

Pure Ginger Shampoo ( wow)

This is the best organic shampoo. This shampoo nourishes your scalp with the best fragrance of pure ginger. The best natural ingredients like root extract of ginger, jojoba, wheat germ, Shea butter, glycol are blended in this shampoo. And all these ingredients are free from any effect of any chemical.  Its help in strengthening your hair also prevents breakage. It is also used for dandruff removal purposes, and also known as an anti-dandruff shampoo. We can say that this shampoo is key to strong hairs.

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