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Are masks from fashion brands worth the covid-19 risk?


Various fashion companies from H&M and Zara to luxury firms LVMH, Prada, and Kering are promised to supply protective items for medical workers to fight against covid-19. Many companies are offering to tone in their production facilities and making masks that are already short in supply. However, the tough part is not essentially sewing them. It may be choosing materials to make them in the first place. 

All masks are not the same

Medical masks to fight with covid-19 are made with special textiles. The favored variety in different places such as hospitals is not interlaced like a typical fabric today. Synthetic fibers into an extremely fine web are made by expensive machines that melted. This web filtered our particles and allowed air to pass through. That is why this non-woven material is used in respiration. N95 respirators are designed to fit from a seal around the nose and mouth that can block 95%  of particles as tiny as 0.3 microns under testing. 

fashion masks
There’s an important need to understand the difference in textile between normal fashion face masks and medical masks. However, cloth math still better than no mask.

These fabrics are also used to make surgical masks, but they are usually unfit and loose on the face so they are not preferred as an effective filter. But still, they are effective to keep medical workers away from infection and infecting others if they are sick themselves. Medical grade textile in demand for surge has left their workers to struggle to keep up. Generally, fashion companies have not established suppliers for these materials, and regular materials, they do have easy and quick access may not be much helpful for medical workers. 

The world health organization rejected the use of masks made with cotton or gauze in any circumstances. But there is some proof that a cloth mask is still better than no mask. Workers in 1600 hospitals in Vietnam also refused to use a cloth face mask in 2015. They found that almost 97% of particles pass through the cloth face masks. Therefore, cloth masks should not be used for the healthcare setting workers. It increases the risk of infection instead of decreasing it. 

The response of fashion companies

Fashion companies instead of making masks have diverted the problem by buying masks directly from china, which makes the world’s medical masks. On March 21, 10 million masks from a Chinese industrial supplier including 7 million surgical masks and 3 million FFP2 masks were managed by Louis Vuitton and Dior. about 3 million masks purchased from china to give France health services by owners of Gucci and Kernig. But the fashion companies that want to make masks themselves should understand the right textile. 

Face masks in Pakistan 

Many Pakistani designers produced their face masks after health official recommendation to wear masks for protection against covid-19. Designers offer a variety of face reusable face masks from print, embroidery to bold motifs to look stylish all the time and to stock them. Some brands also guaranteed that the sales of these face masks will go to supporting communities affected by the restriction and outbreak. Arabs news had assembled a list where you can buy reusable masks. 

Face masks from fashion brands.
During the Corona-virus pandemic, face masks have become an essential item. Now, many Pakistani fashion brands are offering stylish face masks.

As fashion brands are producing sustainable and reusable Pakistani dresses, they are also designing reusable Pakistani Face Masks. 


Khaadi is one of the most famous retailers of Pakistan Brands to release its line of masks. Fashion lovers can purchase a stylish printed face-covering mask for less than 200rs. Although many masks are sold out on their website and social media, their in-store supply is still available. 


Generation put their leftover fabric in designing face-masks at the starting of the virus outbreak. Customers can stitch masks themselves by getting this in every order. This brand is growing over the past few years and uses reusable fabric in its collections. Reusable masks from the leftover fabric fit right with the brand temper.

Nishat linen

Nishat linen took a different approach for the kids’ line for face covering to make fun with embroidered fabric masks. They design face masks featuring pretty embroidered flowers, superhero motifs, spiderman motifs, and flower motifs. Nishat is encouraging children to wear face masks with a stylish flair. Their stylish and interesting masks are sold out online and on social media shops, but still available at physical stores.

face masks for children.
Many fashion brands are now designing attractive, stylish, and convenient face masks for children to protect them from the curse virus, Covid-19.


Pakistani Brand, Rastah put their fabric reserve to use immediately after Covid-19. All face masks going to support Pakistani daily wage workers. All proceed to face masks going to sale to those who lost their sources of livelihood due to coronavirus and also ensuring economic slowdown. This brand is designing face mask block prints and Urdu calligraphy they are known for in their street style. 

International brands are making and delivering surgical face masks to Pakistan, including sustainable and fashionable masks. 

However, fashion companies just do not need to understand the right textile for the masks but also they ensure their production with regular cleanliness to keep products gem-free. Fashion companies may need to sanitize their facilities before they get the order.

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