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Are Scientist Developing New Vaccines For HIV


It is widely believed that HIV originated in Kinshasa when HIV crossed the species from chimpanzees to humans in the democratic republic of Congo around 1920. Up until 1980, we do not know how many people were infected with HIV or developed AIDS. In 1981, five young healthy men in Los Angeles, cases of rare lung infections called pneumocystis carina pneumonia (PCP) were found. Around the same time, there were records in New York and California of a group of men with an extraordinarily aggressive cancer called Kaposi sarcoma.

The first cases of PCP were reported in people injecting drugs in December 1981. By the end of the year, 270 cases of extreme immune deficiency in men had been identified and 121 of them had died. A group of cases among gay men in southern California suggested in 1982 that sexual immune deficiency was the cause and the syndrome was initially called gay-related immune deficiency. After that the hemophiliacs and Haitians leading many to believe it had organized in Haiti.  In September, the first time the AIDS term used. A disease that is defined as a cell-mediated immunity defect at least moderately predictive occurs in a person with an unknown cause of decreased resistance to that disease.

In 1983 the AIDS was reported in a female because he had done sexual activity with men who have already HIV. After this, a new virus named lymphadenopathy-associated virus is founded by the Pasteur Institute of France. In June children are infected by the contact of an HIV person but after research, the doctor found that it is infected after birth because his mother has HIV. After this, the health precautions are recommended by the CDC for the public and also for the allied health professionals. At the end of this month, the total number of patients was 3064, and 1292 had died. In 1984 an institute whose name is national cancer institute had found the causes of AIDs. In a meeting of two institutes like Pasteur and the national cancer institute, they announced that LAV and HTLV-111 are identical and the likely cause of AIDS. Then a blood test for creating the vaccine.

HIV vaccine
HIV Vaccine mainly made to find against the germs that cause HIV Disease.

In July the CDC stop sharing drugs and needles. Which is also a cause of HIV. In October, all the dating sites including indoor or outdoor are closed. There are currently almost about thirty-six million people alive or suffering from HIV all around the world and despite the rollout of progressive  HIV medication treatment, there are still one point eight million new infections a year that could be prevented by an effective vaccine. A total of four vaccines have been tested on individuals to determine their effectiveness in preventing HIV infection and, unfortunately, only one vaccine was protective. The other three are not effective in producing a strong immune response that would lead to protection against HIV infection.

A group of Canadian researchers with experience in vaccine creation, HIV immunology, and the manufacture of vaccines have joined forces to produce what is expected to be the world’s first approved regulatory HIV vaccine. VSV is a virus that infects cows and sheep but usually does not infect individuals. Scientists have found that they can transform VSV into a vaccine by substituting a protein on the outside of VSV for a protein from another virus. Both the two divisions of the immune response required for infection defense are induced by the pseudotyped VSV vaccine. A recent example of a pseudo-type VSV vaccine is the one that was used in West Africa in 2014-2016 to fight the Ebola virus outbreak and is currently being distributed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

During the West African Ebola outbreak, a few different vaccines were tested for effectiveness, but only the VSV vaccine expressing the Ebola protein (VSV-Ebola) was able to show that it is not only safe to give to humans, but can also protect people against Ebola infection.

HIV Vaccine
HIV Vaccine allows your body to set up defenses against those dangers ahead of time.

The team of doctors is leveraging the information acquired during the production and testing of the VSV-Ebola vaccine and our knowledge of HIV immunology to enhance the consistency and amount of the HIV main cover  (Env) protein that occurs in our vaccine. We believe that we will be able to increase the immune response produced by the vaccine by introducing specific mutations within Env and allowing our vaccine to target specific cell types within the body.

In short, the development of a new HIV vaccine can be continued according to the situation. As this disease is quite dangerous and people usually do not recover from this cursed disease so it is really important to do research about the new vaccines. We will update here if we find more information in this regard.

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