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Can virtual reality benefit Health Care?


Virtual reality can innovate the HealthCare industry. We have seen a huge range of using virtual reality in the healthcare industry. Virtual reality is fascinating health care for the greatest please and care of patients along with doctors. Virtual reality makes it possible to swim with a whale in the ocean while lying in the bed of a hospital. Medical virtual reality is an area with enchanting possibilities. It does not only affect science fiction but also clinical researchers and medical practitioners. Although the use of virtual reality is quite young, it is increasingly having positive effects on patients’ lives.it also has a positive effect on physicians’ work. 

Virtual reality has multiple applications for health and health care, by developing new life-saving techniques to train the doctors of the future, from clinical to the patients. In this article, we will discuss some techniques of virtual reality that can be used to train future doctors and medical workers. These techniques can support the healthcare profession to change lives and to heal patients as soon as possible. 

Medical training 

Virtual reality makes it possible to access and view inside the human body area that can be impossible to reach. Presently, medical students learn about cadavers. That is difficult to hold and do not react in the same way as a live patient can. However, with the help of virtual reality, you can examine the minute detail of any part of the human body in 360 degrees. 

Predictions For Augmented And Virtual Reality In Healthcare Market by 2025
Through virtual reality therapist can treat their patients more easily and effectively.

Medical realities

Medical realities are one of the companies that pay attention to the use of Virtual reality to deliver efficient surgical training. Virtual reality tools are used to film real-life surgery in 4k 360 degrees video from multiple angles that is combined with CGI models of anatomy. It is then used to provide high quality and interactive training. 

To educate the patient

Viewing inside of the human body is not only useful for doctors but also good for patients. VR allows patients to see their surgical plans by virtual stepping.  It provides 360 degrees of VR re-establishment of their anatomy and pathology. By checking all medical procedures themselves and understanding the treatment, higher patients feel satisfaction. 

Robotic Surgery

It is an innovation under virtual reality in which surgery is performed using a robotic device. For instance, the robotic arm that is controlled by a human surgeon. It speeds up the procedure of surgery and reduces the complications during surgery. This robotic device is accurate, less blood loss, and provides faster recovery. 

Mental health and psychological therapy

As we discussed before, virtual reality makes unusual scenarios possible. VR has the unique ability to transfer to anywhere you want. It can be used to create powerful images, simulations, and scenarios in which psychological difficulties occur. Therapists do not need to accompany his patient for so long such as a long trip, crowded shopping center, and up a tall building. Many impossible and impractical situations that are difficult to create like flying and harrowing events can be evoked at the click of the mouse. This therapy has so many benefits for disorder patients. The therapist can deliver this therapy in the consulting room. 

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Virtual reality technology can be used to train medical students without hurting any human being.

Pain management and physical therapy

VR not only has benefits for psychological issues but, it has many healing capabilities for pain management and physical treatment too. The University of Washington Seattle and the UW Harborview Burn Center showed that VR acted as a distraction and consequently reduced the pain level of the patients, those who are undergoing physical therapy after a skin graft. It also proved good in speeding up recovery time. Allowing patients to do their physical activity daily in a virtual environment makes the activity more fascinating. It helps them to keep their spirit up during the recovery period.

Disease awareness

Pharmaceutical research and development company AbbVie shared an experience with Health Care professionals about the daily suffering of patients from Parkinson’s disease. This experience was demoed at the pharmaceutical industry where people could put on a headset and experience first hand as Parkinson’s’ sufferers steer a virtual supermarket. They experience awkward moments when coming into contact with other people. 

Benefits of Virtual reality in Healthcare

Virtual reality tools are not only used for gaming or entertainment purposes. With innovation, it has the capabilities to reduce risks and save lives. 

One of the greatest benefits of virtual reality in the healthcare industry is that it can train professionals without putting anyone’s life in danger. For example, the surgeon can use VR to train their students to complete a complicated task without putting a live patient in danger. Health Care professionals can use VR to prevent medicine and its effects such as alcohol and cigarette smoking cessation. It can also determine the effect of exercise and a healthy diet. Health care professionals can also use these VR tools to educate their patients about prevention medicine. VR tools offer better pain management if professionals use them in a variety of different ways. It sometimes helps patients to endure medical procedures pain that is often very painful. 

The future of VR in the HealthCare industry

In the coming years, VR will be used frequently to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of medical procedures. VR enhances the capabilities of human beings, doctors, and patients.

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