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Comparison Between English And American Blockhead Labrador


Comparing the Labrador English versus the Labrador American? It is important to remember in this comparison that the types of Labs to which we refer are the “bench” laboratory and the “field laboratory.” People who do not involve the breed sometimes refer to them as the “American or English.” There is only one breeder and both field & bench laboratories are grown worldwide but primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is also important to realize that we can generalize based on experience. Each dog can be different on the basis of its own personality. No two dogs are the same, but we can generalize the types of labradors based on the way they are bred. The English Labrador is more of a word for Labradors. The American Labrador is a working name for Labradors. These labels are essentially a result of years of advanced breeding depending on the function of which your Labrador was to serve. 

They vary in look, the English Labrador is usually shorter and more stocky. The American Labrador is more athletic and taller. The British are calmer in temper and the Americans are even more vigorous. They are basically close in all other respects.


Originally a St John’s dog was raised as a working pot, mostly for water catching ducks, fish, and many other small creatures. He is best known as the mate of the fisher with a natural water affinity. St John’s dog gained attention when English nobles visited him back in Britain. The breed was standardized, refined, and renamed in England. To this day it is also not clear that he is named a Labrador retriever, not a Newfoundland retriever. Since then, they have been a favorite family in the country. 

The Canadian fisherman continued to reproduce him for his expertise. While his work ethic impressed the English gentlemen, they were especially fond of his beautiful appearance. This has been the development of both sub-species and why the ideal Labradors exhibit is known as English Labradors, and the typical laboratory Labradors are known as American Labradors. 


The appearance of the English and American Labrador varies slightly. Although the official kennel clubs are not aware of the distinction, the difference is subtle. The field and bench variants of the laboratory usually escape for competition purposes red-coated pups or silver coated dogs. 

labrador colors
There is no evidence to support that the color of a dogs fur has any effect on the personality of a dog.

The English Labrador is only bred for exhibition purposes. As such, they are manufactured to comply as closely as possible with Labrador requirements. They have a stocker frame with deep barrel chests and shorter legs relative to their American cousin. They’re surprisingly larger and have a thicker otter tail than the Americans. English Labradors appear to be on the lower and middle ends of the continuum. They are also at the upper end of the weight range. 

The American Labrador typically falls within the definitions above. They are however not bred for beauty and may not completely comply with the above requirements at times. The American looks much larger and slim. Field laboratories are at the top end and the bottom end of the weight continuum. He’s more athletic and less sumptuous. He has a lighter coat with a longer neck and a longer muzzle that both add to his work.


The English and American Labradors will vary in temperament compared to their appearances, and usually, their temperament is determining what type of Labrador to obtain if their intention is not your preference. 

The Bench Labrador can be calmer than the American one. The laboratory was developed for its ability to function and higher energy levels. The field laboratory can be a little bolder than English and it is a good challenge while bench laboratories may be less involved and easier to train according to your level of experience. The US has more stamina and is harder to get out as such. 

Both the Bench and Field laboratories love a good cuddle, and both make an ideal family animal and are fond of their family. They both love nothing more than to please their master because of their easy-going temperaments.

Activity Levels

The American Labrador is more active and thus because of its energy levels, it can appear harder to train. Our boss at this site owned a field laboratory for 13 years and when she was four years old she was a puppy. She was always looking for a more fun job, and she would go swimming in the pool for hours. When you think about which type of lab you would like, it is important to take energy levels into consideration and ensure that you have plenty of outlets to exercise properly regardless of your bench or field type. 

You have to note in all this that EVERY dog is different. In general, the field and bench laboratories are both incredible family pets and labradors are for good reason.

Grooming Comparison

Every six weeks the Labrador takes a bath, the same as the average pup. The English and American Labrador would be the same. Don’t bathe him more than every 6 weeks, because your natural coat oils will cause a host of skin problems. You can use doggy wipes and doggy perfume from your local pet shop to keep them fresh when they’re dirty when they’re playing. The natural protection of Labrador against the cold Canadian elements is a dual coat. Their jackets are the same as a wetsuit and they are thrown away. The American and the English would have to brush once or twice a week. Their undercoats thick and dense in the winter to keep them warm, and then their undercoat coats come in the spring and summer. A Labrador that lives in colder environments naturally develops a thicker layer. During the shedding season, they both must be washed every day, if not every day, to keep their fur handy.

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