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Do people prefer comfortable fashion or runway fashion?


Comfort and fashion

Comfort and fashion can’t go hand in hand. People sometimes like freakish and cute dresses that are totally uncomfortable. They still like to buy this stuff for trendy fashion but prefer both. Although some people have the point of view that if you feel comfortable with what you wear, you are beautiful and fashionable than in any condition. But some people consider too look fashionable in any condition. It is righty said ”comfort is key” but for a fashion girl, comfort is not the only thing to consider when she chooses dresses for herself. Stylish women always are searching for a distinctive way to suppose fashion than comfort. They always prove by dint of anything that it is 100% possible to adopt fashion and comfort both simultaneously. The first thing that comes to our mind when listening to comfortable dresses are usually shrugs, leggings, and sweaters but fashion women, are undoubtedly more creative when they want to be comfortable with fashion.it is sometimes satisfying when you put one piece and you are done with it. Few women wear chick black jumpsuit with simple shoes for comfort. Most pregnant ladies decide to wear these kinds of dresses.

Fashion according to the occasion

Some girls like to wear simple dresses with tassels and simple shoes when they are going outside with her friends for outings and for chilling t look more elegant and decent. But some girls like quirky dresses to look adorable and wanted to noticed by all. Sober girls prefer calm and simple wear when they go for a part. They put light makeup and any type of decent hairstyle. They look very formal while going to the office and wear traditional dress. But fashion girls are totally different. They do not think about comfort. They prefer full stylish moody dresses and put heavy make along with high stylish and heels.

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understanding your dressing code is the most important thing to look comfortable.

The same case with the boys too. There are some boys who prefer comfortable dresses for every event or anywhere they want. They believe in their personality rather than dressing. But here are some boys who wanted to look more stylish than girls.

So that they may look attractive and charm someone.

It’s not about only fresh dresses that they wear it’s about everything that girls and boys carry like shoes, handbags, makeup, and jewelry.

Understand your dressing code

While leaving home for an event or for a normal meeting you should ensure your dressing confident. Does it look decent and supports both comfort and fashion. Wear that makes you feel happy. Let the others around you feel respected because of the nice dressing sense. Wear in which you feel shines and happy all above. Many people forget about comfort to themselves instead they wear to impress others and to please them. som e women also like to wear heavy dresses to make jealous others. They hold Fendi designer handbags to show off, this highlighted that they are not enjoying the event deep inside. Whatever you choose to wear should be about how comfortable and confident you feel. People should understand that if their dressing makes them feel happy and comfortable. This may impact positively on their personal life, business, and daily work. The process of learning what to wear should not stop until you achieve your goal. You should become conscious about what to wear according to events. You will feel relax when you stop comparing your dress with others.

Comfortability over style:

Clothing is all about comfort and functionality then style and fashion should be discussed. you are not feeling happy with what you wear people will notice that you are not comfortable. They will judge your mannerisms and body language that you are uncomfortable with what you wear. It extremely does not matter how shiny and charming your dress look, if you do not feel comfortable then it’s a kind of failure in your clothing purpose. Clothing is supposed to feel decent and good while in a large gathering. It should make you feel happy and optimistic. It can be hard to balance fashion and style. As dressing directly reflects our personality so your dressing must be classic and worth seeing. Many people learned to see decent with fashionable dresses.

Yes, it is very easy to choose the wrong dresses along with the wrong colors and weird designs. But it quite difficult to select comfort over style dressing.

The outfit is everything as it is already described above in the article that’s why it should be versatile and comfortable. It increases your confidence level. Learn to dress up properly according to weather and events. If it is hot wear breathable clothes to stop heat associated illness. Loose clothes often good to cool down the body temperature and it also evaporates sweat. Polypropylene garments are good to absorb sweat. If it is cold, you should wear warm clothes in order to not to get ill and cold flue easily.

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