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Does fashion need to adopt mentoring?


In mentoring more experienced and knowledgeable seniors helps to guide a less experienced and less knowledgeable person. The person that is mentoring may be older or younger than the person getting mentored. 

Why do you need a mentor?

Starting your own new business can be a difficult process. You have to expand your business and to hire multiple people, you may be unable to and unsure of the best step that can take your business in the right direction for the bright future. That is why we need mentors who can guide us properly. 

Need of a mentor in the fashion industry

People may be thinking about why they have a mentor in the fashion industry. Mentoring is important only in the fashion industry but also for all industries and any type of business. From designing new fashions and manufacturing to sales, individuals worked together to help their industry progress in the world. This is the reason why having a good mentor is important for the business. 

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A well-experienced mentor will increase your knowledge in all aspects such as profession, experience, and exposure.

Here are many important benefits of having a professional mentor for fashion. 

  • Experience: your mentor will train you to become an all-rounder in fashion. You will be able to pick up good skills that are important for the success of the business. It does not matter whether you are sitting in on meetings and assisting a project, you will be able to know how different departments in fashion organization work. So, you can use principles that can be best for your business.
  • Professional guidance: as we discussed before that we should have a good mentor that takes care of our interests. A good mentor will help you to make the connection that will lead you to progress, as your fashion career develops. If you have a good mentor early on in your business, he will set you up to the next level of success. 
  • Exposure: a successful fashion industry requires a wealth of knowledge and a good understanding of all aspects of a business to climb the ladder of fashion. So, it is a good idea to have a relationship with professionals. Your insight and experience will help you to make the best strategic plan for your career and the fashion industry. 

Well! It is also a good idea to try to find a peer mentor when you are working for a fashion business. So, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship with your mentor. Once you understand why a mentor is beneficial for the fashion business, the next step is to think about which type of mentor will fit for your business. 

  • Someone who did this business before: a mentor who is already in some position will give you good advice on how to steer your path in the fashion business. For instance, an expert fashion designer will give you good advice on how you should launch and grow a successful line in reaching out to her current portion. The career shared relationship can help you to enhance your skills and enable you to become even better in your fashion business. 
  • Focus on broadening your skyline: as your business develops, you need to adopt good skills that you can use in the advancement of your organization and successfully manage your own business. More than half of your time as a fashion entrepreneur should be spent on business development, according to a fashion startup. 
  • Third-party mentors offer a unique perspective: you should not limit yourself to a single mentor or just one type of mentor. Developing a relationship with some professional mentors that work outside of fashion can offer a unique perspective on the development of the industry. You can extremely learn about sales business development, merchandising, and the use of technology in your business. 
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Pakistani Fashion designer “Hassan Sheheryar Yasin” announced HSY mentoring program.

In some perspectives, Pakistan’s Fashion industry also needs mentoring. As designers eventually retire but their legacies need to live on. These legacies can be in the form of younger competitors that they have guided and trained. Several examples flick through the mind when Pakistani Fashion Designer “Hassan Shehryar Yasin” announced his plans for an HSY mentorship program (HMP).  Pakistan’s fashion industry is hardly compared to its massive global counterpart. But still, it’s the business catching people’s attention, wielding profits, and wielding profits despite many barriers. 

Fashion in Pakistan

Fashion in Pakistan usually faces criticism. Even the fashion industry has grown to a cultural collaborator, opportunity portal, and economic multiplier. Presently, Forbes Magazine predicted that the pace with the South Asian fashion industry is growing and soon it will hit 100 billion USD in the future. 

However, the major issue in Pakistan’s Fashion Industry is that every year designers are multiplying with great speed. The Fashion Pakistan Council understood this issue in 2014 and decided to create a separate platform where young talent will be encouraged. So, they may be able to show their talent and get a chance to show their mettle on the ramp and be mentored by seniors designers. The particular platform like Madiha Raza, Alisha Mansoor, and Sarmad Sain entered this market to become successes. Some bigger names in the Pakistan Fashion Industry like Zaheer Abbas, Sanam Chaudhri, and Feeha Jamshed were also gentlepersons at various Fashion Pakistan Weeks in the past. 

Despite every hit and miss, the Fashion Pakistan Council is going its best for showcasing Fashion and also allowing everyone to show their talent and shine together on the stage.

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