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E-bikes Take away — But We Have To Make Room For Them


This year was an all-bike boon. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many Americans to rethink how they cope with it, it’s no wonder people have turned into cycling and E-cycles using electric motors to work more without sweating. Also, Cycling is good for social distancing and it’s also good for our health. Here in New York, I learned more about cycling’s future as someone who spent a week on VanMoof X3, weaving obstructed bike lanes and past sluggish conventional cyclists.

A Little Intro To E-Bikes

Suppliers often used two battery-powered wheels in New York. Electric motors are available for consumer motorcycles and sharing options, including Citi Bikes. Gocycle, the maker of Folding bikes, says it sold its electric bikes in 2020, while VanMoof, the Dutch electric bicycle company, recorded last year’s biggest-selling leap. E-bikes are quicker, lighter, have improved safety features, and have extra power to climb the next hill or survive a nasty crash.

Is Urban-Biking Easy?

But urban biking is no easy task, particularly in New York City, as riders face roads blocked by delivery trucks and cop cars, unprotected roads, bumpy tourists opening cab doors in the most inappropriate moments, and drivers’ traffic laws. Dr. Brian Doucet, Professor of Urban Geography at the University of Waterloo, proposes constructing lanes offering greater safety for pedestrians, putting tasks on developers rather than cyclists to promote safer, more open cycling.

What Does A Real Test According To Doucet?

Doucet said that it is not a real test to ride an E-bike on roads, if you want to know about a real test then it would be like a six-year-old kid riding a bike side to side with his parents. Even many trails of cycling are held in North America But they can’t do this.  Using car parking as barriers and more stable divisions, constructing bike parking corrals at intersections, and changing traffic lighting to prioritize bike riders can all deter car usage while hosting cyclists.

Generally speaking, e-bikes are bicycles with a battery-powered “assist”

E-Cycling In New York And Other Towns

New York and other towns precede other cities. Beijing saw the first spike in shared bike traffic in 2017, averaging 6 million journeys a day. In 2019, the Chinese capital opened its first cycle path, an 8-mile bike lane to connect several cities. In Berlin, major implementations for e-bike-friendly paths are currently underway, where officials plan to build 10 bicycle paths to facilitate commuter cycling and minimize travel time by removing obstacles like stop signs and cars. The newly designed lanes are wider for easier passage, illuminated at night, safe from cars and pedestrians. Not only cyclists could use these routes, but also distribution services using freight bikes, as they are popular for Amsterdam cycling.

New York’s representatives added 28 miles of bike paths in 2020, taking the number to over 1,300 miles. But as a whole, most of the city’s cycling infrastructure is found to be significantly lacking relative to neighboring roads over 6,000 miles across five districts.”It seems like a complete matrix of bike track from the point of view of a map,” Doucet says. Even if you don’t want to partake of your road with cars, many urban dwellers live on the first floor and huge elevators are luxurious – so an e-bike, much heavier than its helpless cousins, will make you sweat as you carry them to your house. The X3 I tested over the summer weighed as much as 50 pounds and was worse than I planned to bring three floors. Foldable e-bikes are easier to lug around, like Gocycle GXi.

Riders In  Newyork

There are not many riders in New York, including delivery drivers and under-serviced people dreaming of safer motorcycling, locking their e-bikes on the road, and hoping for the good. With a 27% increase in bike thefts, but fewer bike larceny arrests compared to last year, mountaineers cannot hope to recover their stolen bikes. Secure parking is only when more people rely on costly e-bikes to and from workplaces or schools. However, a study documenting New York City’s bicycle parking condition found more than one parking spot in the city, while only one bike-parking spot was registered for 116 bikes.

Single Bike Corral

New York City was unable to create a single new bike corral in 2020, with the overall pandemic decline in motorcycle sales increasing by 50%, according to the NPD community, and increased bike use. Installing the publicly shared Citi Bike infrastructure has helped promote short-distance riding, with over 100 new stations for 1,081 bikes over the past year. But it doesn’t fix the issue for people, including delivery staff, who regularly use e-bikes to get around the city or those with their own bikes. Jon Orcutt, Bike advocacy group leader Bike NYC, said: “Not everyone wants to drive a Citi Bike because it’s big and heavy. And it certainly doesn’t solve your [parking] neighborhood problem.”

, electric bicycles offer many of the same benefits that regular cycling does but because you’ve got an added bit of oomph on board.

Oonee Company

Cycle parking company Oonee aims to solve this issue with its Pod system a modular, protected parking structure that can be installed on a daytime basis and fitted with cameras, lighting, and amenities such as benches and green roofs. Oonee’s goal to improve bike parking for all is to make the most vulnerable cyclists in the city feel safe and relaxed if they want to leave the bike out, says CEO.

By modulating the present swine flu wealth gap in cities, it emerges as a sensible approach to add bike paths and parking, compared to low populations without many healthy or bus services. In fact, Stuart sees the lack of bike parking as another problem exacerbated by race and class.

“65% of our user base is non-white and 50% below average income,” says Stuart, pointing out that motorcycle criminals often target people in low-income areas as well as delivery cyclists who are usually colorful individuals. “If you ask practicing riders, what else will your bike be taken away? ‘Not only a break, but they also reply, it’ll cost mine career.” 

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