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E-Cigarette Or Vaping May Not Be As Safe As You Think


Cigarette smoking is really harmful to health. Many people die because of cigarette addiction every year. In the United state, many people decline cigarettes slowly and move to vape or E-cigarettes. There are a lot of alternates of cigarettes that take place and gain popularity too. Even if E-cigarettes have lots of benefits but it also has disadvantages that are really bad for your health. Here, we are going to discuss the bad impacts of vaping. 

There are many reasons that lead you to stop smoking and you accidentally start using E-cigarettes or vaping. 

E-Cigarettes Or Vaping Is Less Harmful Than Smoking, But It’s Still Not Safe

Let me clear one thing first, Nicotine is extracted from tobacco that is used in E-cigarettes then. E-cigarettes heat the nicotine, create flavor, and mix other chemicals to create an aerosol that you inhale through them. A normal and regular cigarette contains 7000 chemicals and most of them are toxic. But we do not know how many chemicals are used in E-cigarettes. It has a lot of disadvantages. It also causes some serious lungs. On January 20, 2020, CDC (Center For Disease and Prevention) revealed that they have counted 60 deaths because of E-cigarettes or vaping addictions. So we can say that vaping E-cigarette is not as safe as you think. We can also say that the addiction to cigarettes was that high even the E-cigarettes cannot save someone. Or maybe E-cigarettes themselves have lots of bad impacts. 

E-Cigarettes Or Vaping Is Bad For Heart And Lungs

Now you get to know that Nicotine is used in both e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes. The point is that it is highly addictive in both forms. Once you start using e-cigarettes you will have craving problems for them. We can say that it has craving qualities. It is a highly toxic substance. You will face many health risks such as blood pressure. It has serious bad impacts on the heart and lungs that can never be recovered. You may not be aware that it also increases the heart rate badly that you may have a heart attack. Actually, there is no evidence that chemicals are used in vaping to create smoke. It is also not clear how many chemicals are used in this e-cigarette and how long it had bad impacts on health. Anyhow, It is very important for you to know that e-cigarette is also harmful to use. Excess use of e-cigarette will directly link to chronic disease and asthma. We literally do not understand how someone can put himself in danger. People know the harmful impacts of cigarettes on health but still, they are not avoiding it. 

E cigarettes
Both the traditional and e-cigarettes contains nicotine.

Addiction Of E-cigarettes And Primary Cigarettes 

As we discussed above, both cigarettes contain nicotine so both are harmful to health and can create a lot of health risks. Nicotine is as addictive as heroin and cocaine. It is very important to avoid the use of Tobacco immediately. Only then you will be able to recover yourself from the bad and curse impacts of cigarettes. 

Electronic Cigarette As A Best Smoking Cessation Tool

It’s ok if E-cigarettes are marketed as the aid tool to skip smoking. Many people use these cigarettes for smoking cessation. But the bad point is that these E-cigarettes are not approved by the food and drug administration. That is we cannot say that if they are completely helpful or not. It is just marketed well that is why people start using these E-Cigarettes. Most studies reveal that people who start using e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool, start using both the primary and E-Cigarettes at the end. It is because both have nicotine in them. That is why it is really to leave smoking as well instead of using e-cigarettes or vaping. 

Our New Generation Is Getting Hooked On Nicotine 

We all know the harmful impacts of cigarettes on health but still, we do not stop using them. It has become a modern trend to use cigarettes as a fashion. Many adult boys start using a cigarette as fashion because they think they look cool with it. According to our research, many boys in college and school start using cigarettes. Some of them also like to use E-cigarettes. 

There are some possible reasons also to use vaping or E-cigarettes. Maybe teens believe that they are less harmful and create no health risk. The other possible reason is that you have to purchase e-cigarettes once and then you have no need to purchase the new one. 

It is very bad that adults, youth, and teens are focusing on using cigarettes even if they are significantly aware of the harmful impacts of cigarettes on health. Nicotine has really bad impacts on our health. We should avoid it and should make our loved ones and others understand it. 

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