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Fashion trends are expected in 2021.


2020 was the year of the global pandemic as we were facing cursed coronaviruses. The world quit fashion for this year and has veiled to the stylish and bold fashion. Large coverings coats and face masks dominated the fashion badly. But if you believe 2021 is just around the corner, then there is a whole set of new fashions and trends that are on their way. This year, some influential decades will play a huge role in fashion trends. We will surely love every single trend. Yes! 2020 has taught us that we don’t know what will happen in the next moment and what is coming. We simply can’t predict the future but we can predict coming fashion trends in 2021. In Pakistan, many trends are changing rapidly. There are different fashion trends for summer and winter. In Pakistani dresses, upcoming fashion trends include fringe, flowy gowns, medium-length shirts, trendy cigarette trousers, trendy floral lehenga, peplums, and a lot more. Many fashion designers already share their plans for 2021 for New dress designs. The list is growing that includes lug sole boots, floral midi dress, print button-down, and wool dresses. Some fashion trends spotted at SS21 fashion weeks that inspire fashion seriously from Paris to Milan.

Oversized shoulder pad jackets

It is a long line silhouette that is inspired by the 80s oversized boyfriend blazer. It is designed with oversized shoulder pads that cinch your waist and elongate your legs. You can give this look a new stylish look with a pair of straight-leg trousers. You can also wear leather shorts for an extraordinary modern style. Is designed in different attractive colors such as powder blue charcoal and many more. You can easily dress up and down these oversized shoulder pad jackets. 


This fashion trend takes inspiration from the 50s and the 60s fashion. This sleek fashion trend is coming again. Headscarves usually not only cover your hair but also protect it and add a finishing touch to your outfit. It is designed with floral motifs and intricate patterns. Simple scarves with bold colors and bold letters are also designed.  You can choose anyone to add it to your fashionable dress to give a finishing look without doing anything. When using this headscarf you can wrap the fabric under your chin and leave it hanging on the back of your head. 

Black face masks

As cases are increasing day by day, you have to protect yourself as well as look beautiful. Face masks are becoming a trend now because protection is very important. Sleek black face masks usually match with every casual and any outfit you wear. It gives you great coverage of the mouth and nose. If you want to look fancy you can choose some stylish embellishments masks or you can also choose silky fabric for easier breathing. These face-covering masks have a timeless beauty and styling opportunities. Wear anything from freaking overcoats to simple color casual dress, you can wear sleek black face masks to look exceptionally modern. 

fashion trends 2021 runway
Here are some expected fashion trends that are suitable for everyone. As fashion is everything for fashion girls.

Yellow bags

Yellow bags have become a runway fashion in the coming season. This trend is easy to duplicate. These are created in different sizes and different styles. So, you can choose according to your desire that suits your taste. 

Folk inspired coats

Hangout in the coming season with the folk-inspired coats. When it’s cold, you can wear a dress of delicate embroidery and then wear folk coats to keep yourself hot and can save yourself from getting the flu. This trend is easy to style and suits every body shape. 

Knee-high boots

This trend is taken from the 60s. It is inspired by the gogo dancers because only they wear this item of footwear. You can wear them with mini dresses or skirts, a roll neck or a funky pair of leggings. 

Many Pakistani fashion trends are expected in 2021. In this article, we will discuss some upcoming trends. 

Medium shirts with cigarette pants

As we discussed the latest fashion trends in the coming year. In Pakistan, the latest colors and printed cigarette pants are expected. You can choose these pants with the short-medium dress. Many prints are circulating in the markets, so try to choose strong and bold prints. 

Fashion trends suffer a lot during covid-19 but still, some expected fashion trends are expected in 2021.

Long Kurtis

The designers decided to bring old fashion into a new style. They are planning long Kurtis and medium shirts, that was old but now designing in the latest way. For the fashion girls, long Kurti with pants and palazzos will be trendy. Although it is not a new style, girls still find a craze in this fashion. 

Khussa, as a fashion trend

Khussa is also a super old fashion trend but it remains in style and still trendy. It cannot be replaced by anything. You can wear a stylish pair of Khussa with any casual wear, and a traditional salwar suit. You can also wear it with western-style jeans with a top. 

Fringe style clothing

In your wardrobe, fringe style clothing is always on the top. It is a seamless addition to our wardrobe. Does not matter if it is winter or hot summer, fringe style clothing is always a perfect choice. Everyone can enhance their wardrobe with fringe shirts, jackets, and even bridal wear.


Dupatta is considered a sign of dignity and is usually worn by Pakistani girls. It is the only trend that increases your beauty. Dupatta has been in fashion for the last couple of years. Wearing dupatta with long shirts had gone away. But now it is again wearing long shirts, medium short Kurti and with the top also. It is gaining popularity again. Many celebrities are also wearing dupatta to make a fashion statement in fashion shows.

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