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Fashionable Scarves That Enhance Our Look


Scarves are definitely an accessory to look fashionable even in normal clothes. During the winter, Scarves keep us warm while it adds some design to our spring dresses, and keep us trendy in the fall. As there are so many ways to wear a scarf, so they are one of my favorite accessories! 

We have an endless range of scarves styles. You can wear a scarf all year in different styles with various outfits. From a casual fall outfit to a professional look, scars go beyond seasons and clothing opportunities. 

As we actively seek various ways to wear a scarf and scarf design ideas, I have a definitive guide on how to tie a scarf and ways to wear a scarf throughout the year. I am not only going to share some outfit examples of how to wear a silk scarf but also a dress or a blazer for casual business work. 

Use this scarf guide to integrate scarves into your outfits all year round, not just when the leaves are turning to color. If you love scarves like me, I know you will love this guide of style! Keep scrolling to read and see all ways of wearing a scarf!


Scarves come in a wide range of forms, sizes, and materials. It can have embellishments or fringes and depending on the size and design, there are different ways to wear each scarf. Since there are so many scarf styles, it is easier to wear them on many occasions than ever before. 

Let’s go through the most common scarf styles.


An infinity scarf or loop scarf is relatively new on the scene and has become popular for its ease of use in the last few years. They’re what I’m calling scarves “throw and go.” You cast it on, loop it once and walk. These come in a few lovely lightweight summer florals, madras check or stripes, and in a variety of plaids, prints, and solids for summer but heavier cotton, silk, and wool for winter. They can also come in knitted models, from lacy to chunky, like their rectangular counterparts.


A blanket scarf is usually a very large square scarf. As the name suggests, they are quite large and perhaps even look like you wear a blanket. But don’t wear that big, just think a little too big. You will find a lot of people wearing a blanket scarf in the autumn because they are trendy and, of course, they have the most popular print. 

Don’t believe that you have to stick to this scarf, have fun and look for prints like tartan, checkers, or leopards.


Probably the most popular scarf to wear these days is a long or rectangular scarf, also known as oblong scarves. These long scarves can be loosely worn, looped, or knotted in several ways. In Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter, there are so many ways to wear this scarf. The materials include light cotton, silk and wool, and a range of composites. They can be found in solids, florals, prints, streaks, plays, and anything you can really think of. They are also available from lacy to chunky in knitted versions.


Scarves are an accessory for both winter and summer.

Shawl and scarf have come together, and because of the different scarf styles now available, the terms are now rather interchangeable. Usually, a shawl will fill your shoulders and arms and warp your whole upper body. The most common form is rectangular or quadratic, and the top half of the body should be sufficiently large. 

If the size is smaller, it’s probably a scarf. These can also be available in a variety of colors and textiles. In summer shawls come in light airy fabrics and thicker warm fabrics in winter.


The square scarves are less common today and range from 16 to 60 inches in a variety of sizes. A neckerchief is also called smaller square scarves. They remind me of flight attendants, who wear bold colors tied around their necks and one color uniform into some color or pattern. 

There is also the bandanna, an informal type of small scarf which is used in physical activity for practical purposes, such as walking.

Both can also be used as a headscarf. Larger squares can be tied and worn in a range of styles, like your classic Hermes. These scarfs include lightweight cotton, silk, and wool as well as a variety of blended materials. They can be found in solids, florals, prints, stripes, and slabs.


Authentic Pashmina scarves are made of goat Pashmina Cashmere fur. The goats provide fine wool and then it is woven into lovely and soft scarves that are very expensive, but very warm. 

Originally, Pashmina scarves were large rectangular scarves that could be enclosed with modesty, warmth, or against elements on the head, neck, and shoulders.

All above are the scarfs styles that can enhance your look to great extent, in fact, they will bring a good effect also in your fashion routine.

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