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Have fashion trends suffer from covid_19


As a result of the covid-19 pandemic, the world is slowly opening up to a ‘new world’. Maybe after the lockdown restrictions and abandons of things ill relaxed. But there is a big difference in fashion trends because it is suffering from covid-19. The way we eat, live, and wearing dresses is totally different. Everything from our working environment to our socialization has changed. From morning dress to office environment everything is transformed. Working from home has become the norm. So, fashion trends can be adjusted because working from home is not an option but a necessary requirement for living. You can adopt some home-wear trends. With this, you can still fashionable even you are not stepping out of the house. In this covid-19 fashion trends extremely changed. Fashion trends will different this summer as the world is slowly moving to appears from global quarantine.

Fashion is a kind of social expression, but today millions of people are staying at home because of covid-19.

Nostalgia fashion

Nostalgia fashion can be adopted as consumers face global issues as well as pandemics and civil unrest. Elements like earth tones, relaxed denim silhouettes, and evoke nostalgia becoming wearable every day. We found ourselves in the middle of nostalgia throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Consumers found themselves comfortable in nostalgic fashion. Specially streetwear category it is true. In this pandemic era, nostalgic clothes are demanding. People desire to have something nostalgic and intimate in this unpredictable time. In the special survey of 500 American buyers, just 49% of people feel comfortable in current fashion. Several other fashion brands are designing nostalgic products. The present situation is looking back rather than looking ahead. This is not the time to look for wild fashion during coronavirus pandemic as it can lead human lives in danger. This is the time for well-designed clothes that help you to save you from coronavirus and also control the separation of this dangerous virus. 

The face mask as a fashion accessory

Face masks are designed as an essential way to stop the spread of covid -19. The face mask has become a trending accessory now a day especially matching face mask. The coronavirus has made the face mask a major part of our wardrobe. It was once only used by surgeons and doctors or maybe some workers but it has now become a fashion and everyone it only on a daily basis.  A variety of cloth mask is designed in various patterns and colors. The mask has become a stylish accessory than a simple covering. The most remarkable trend in 2020 is face mask fashion rather than handbags. Fashion designers quickly start designing face masks at the start of the pandemic. The designers understand the need for fashionable masks that was great. The mask begins appearing suddenly after the coronavirus identified

This mask accessory is generating income and job opportunities at the tie when the fashion industry is suffering from a plunge. The fashion industry highlighted the micro trend of masks in the past but now it is on trending now. In the current situation, consumers are adopting a perfectly matched mask with an outfit. Many models and actor actresses wear the matching mask in order to look fashionable. The fashion industry can experience different crafts to make the mask fashionable. As fashion always finds a way and the human being unabashed search it.

fashion trends suffer from covid_19
fashion trends suffer from covid_19

Fashion industry

The fashion revolution is focusing on how to unfold the situation of unified isolation. Indeed the retailers are shutting their doors all over the world.  They are encouraging their customers to shop online. But the reality is that everyone is forced to stay at home. Many people face financial problems and the desire to buy new clothes feels like a faraway dream. The fashion industry all over the world typically supplies clothes and other stuff to their homes. The fashion industry is facing a negative impact be the coronavirus outbreak on every level. The production is terminated, retailers are closed, and demand has plunged. But the transaction of the fashion industry still more than 80% in physical stores. Many people are not taking interest in purchasing clothes in this situation. Their focus is on buying essential stuff to survive during the lockdown. Almost everyone has been focusing on it as the coronavirus is not covering properly. As the clothing going out of style, there are just fewer kinds of trends.

The fashion industry extremely facing difficulties during this pandemic era. They suspend their advertisement. The current they have will sell out in 2021.

Islamic clothes during covid-19

Muslim women wear hijaab along with niqab that is evidence that covering the face is effective to stop the spread of covid 19. The World Health Organization suggests the Government should ask everyone to wear a fabric face mask in residential and dangerous areas where the risk of coronavirus transmission is high. The who (World Health Organization) and other authorities stress to cover the face.

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