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Health benefits of Black Dragon Pearl Tea


What is Black Dragon Pearl tea?

Black dragon pearl tea is a type of Black tea that is harvested in the province of Yunnan, China. These black dragon Pearl tea leaves are usually harvested in the spring season. Black dragon pearl tea has a chocolaty taste and it is a rare, hand-hold variety of black tea that has a smooth and rich taste. Black dragon pearl coffee is rolled into an extremely perfect pearl-like shape with the highest quality of leaves. This is the reason why this tea called out pearl tea. Each pearl of the Black dragon tea is rolled out with 30 leaves and buds. These pearls are prepared before the leaves and buds get dry. When the pearls are saturated in the hot water, they are outspread and contain several high grades of roasted and gold-tipped leaves. When the pearls are fully induced in the hot water then you will find the leaves in the bottom of the cup and the water will turn into an amber color. You can have this tea any time when you desire like it in the morning and afternoon. You can enjoy this tea with and without sugary milk because the tea already had a chocolaty taste. Then other black teas have a little amount of caffeine. We are here to discuss the health benefits of Black Dragon Pearl Tea. We all know that taking tea always has many benefits for health but still, there are some points that we need to discuss before you have this tea. 

Benefits of Black Dragon Pearl Tea

Black dragon pearl tea also has similar benefits just like other black tea. 

This is because they are harvesting from the same camellia Sinensis plants; these teas also harvest from the same place of China, Yunnan. 

Black dragon pearl tea lowers the risk of cancer. It also reduces the development of brain tumors. Taking black dragon tea can improve your metabolism to reduce your body fat. This means we can say that Black dragon tea is beneficial for weight loss. Black dragon trees also lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Productively taking Black dragon tea can provide you many facilities like a good digestive system. This tea keeps the harmful bacteria and viruses away from you. It also fights against inflammation and prevents it. Black dragon pearls tea can stimulate your immune system, mental power, and help to reduce fatigue. We search out that this tea reduces stress hormones and act as soothing and frequent headache relief. It contains many essential vitamins to maintain mental health, including carotene, antioxidants, and many protective properties. We also found that the Black dragon tea also contains vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic acid, and vitamin C. 

In short, You can maintain your overall well being with this tea if you keep this in your daily diet. Always use hot water while preparing this tea because it helps to extract all the nutrients and substances from the leaves. You can also use freshwater that is not boiled before. Must wash your teapot and glass in which you are going to make this tea as they can provide benefits only if you use it carefully. Taking black dragon tea is beneficial for health but it also has disadvantages for pregnant women. As we discussed, the tea contains an amount of caffeine that may be dangerous for pregnant women because it can implement side effects on pregnancy conditions and birth problems. 

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Taking Black dragon tea in a productive way can boost up your immune system and digestive system

Brew of black dragon tea in a healthy way

Here, we will guide you on how you can prepare the black dragon tea to get its all potential benefits. Black dragon tea pearls are tightly rolled in pearls shapes and it has its own mystery, texture, aroma, and colours according to its authentic name. To get the fullest advantage of the Black dragon tea you should use 3 to 4 dragon pearls per 8 ounces. The boiling point temperature of the water should be 2012 degrees Fahrenheit. The infusion of the tea in the water depends on your taste and how much strong tea you want to drink. You can infuse the tea for 3 to 5 minutes first then 3 to 5 minutes for the second infusion. We recommend you to prepare this Black dragon pearl in a small teapot. Try to pour water in a circular motion so every leaf gets the same heat and extract substances simultaneously. If you want you can reuse these tea leaves multiple times. The strong drink was prepared in an amber colour.

If you want to make your tea stronger just leave the pearls in the teapot until you see your desired color and the taste that you want to enjoy with this tea. 

Value of Black Dragon Pearl Tea

After studying all the healthy benefits of dragon pearl tea and the quality of tea we can say that the tea is relatively worth a reasonable price. And if you want to enjoy its super healthy benefits try to brew it in healthy ways. There are some disadvantages too of this tea but it has lots of budding benefits. Use it uniformly and you will enjoy a well-being life.

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