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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Hiccups That Actually Work


We are here to discuss some effective home remedies to get rid of hiccups. No doubt people get hiccups anytime and anywhere. Sometimes it becomes embarrassing especially when you are in a meeting. Hiccups can become extreme when they do not get properly treated. So here we will discuss how you can easily get rid of hiccups. We will explore some home remedies that will not cost much and you will simply cure the extreme hiccups. If one remedy does not work then simply move to the next remedy.  

Cover Your Mouth 

Cupping your hands over your nose and mouth while breathing normally is a good idea. You should be able to get rid of your hiccups with the increased dose of carbon dioxide. 

Pressure Points 

Try pressing your palm with the thumb of another hand. Do it as much as you can. You might also squeeze the ball of your left thumb between your right thumb and forefinger. The discomfort acts as a diversion, affecting your nervous system and potentially removing hiccups.

Neck Massage 

Try massaging or touching the carotid arteries on the right and left sides of your neck if massaging or rubbing those pressure areas on your hands does not work properly. 

Hold Your Breath 

Take a deep breath and hold it the next time you have hiccups. Your diaphragm relaxes when you have a build-up of carbon dioxide in your lungs. 

Stick Out Your Tongue 

When no one is looking, thrust your tongue out. Singers and performers utilise this practice to promote the opening between their vocal cords. The spasms that produce hiccups are lessened as you breathe more evenly.

Plug Your Eyes 

Stick your fingers in your ears for 20 to 30 seconds the next time you get the hiccups. Alternatively, push the sensitive tissues right below the base of the skull behind your earlobes. The vagus nerve, which attaches to the diaphragm, delivers a “relax” signal.

Get rid of hiccups
Get rid of hiccups is important. So that it cannot become severe.

Drink Water 

Take nine or ten fast sips from a glass of water in a row. When you gulp a drink, rhythmic oesophagal contractions take precedence over diaphragm spasms. If this doesn’t work, cover the top of a glass with a single sheet of paper towel and drink through the towel. To suck up the water, you will have to “pull” even harder with your diaphragm.

Combination Of Previous Two Strategies 

It’s much better if you can close your ears while drinking the water. Sip with a straw while sticking your fingers in your ears. It’s one of the most effective home remedies for hiccups since you’re pressing on the vagus nerve while still obtaining the benefits of consistent swallowing.


A tablespoon of sugar is a common hiccups remedy because its graininess may irritate the oesophagus, prompting the phrenic nerves to reset. 

Swallow Something Sour 

You can also take a sip of vinegar. As it is sour so it will help you to get rid of the hiccups. It is also a very effective home remedy. 

Peanut Butter 

If you’re wondering how to get rid of hiccups, a big spoonful of peanut butter is a tried and true remedy. Your swallowing and breathing processes are disrupted while chewing and getting it off your tongue and teeth. As a result, the hiccups will be a thing of the past.

Hot Sauce 

This is most likely because the heat and burn are distracting enough to divert your body’s attention away from the hiccup process. Distraction is the best thing to get rid of hiccups. 


Place one spoonful of honey on the back of your tongue, mix in warm water, and swallow. Honey may tickle the vagus nerve, causing the hiccups to stop. Honey is also a well-known infection fighter and cough reliever, and it’s helpful for repairing ulcers.

Chocolate Remedy 

This strategy makes the procedure of how to get rid of hiccups a little more complex. Right off the spoon, eat some powdered chocolate drink mix (cocoa or Ovaltine). It’s not simple to swallow the tablespoon, but it should help with the hiccups.

Chew Up Some Dill 

Here’s a simple, tasty way to get rid of the hiccups: Chew a teaspoon of dill seeds slowly. This old remedy may work because ingesting the seeds stimulates the vagus nerve, which stops the hiccups.

Breath Into A Paper Bag

Breathe carefully and deeply into a tiny paper bag the next time you get the hiccups. (If you feel dizzy, come to a halt.) This may raise carbon dioxide levels in the blood, causing the diaphragm to contract more profoundly in order to take up more oxygen. According to Mayo Clinic, despite the fact that this cure has not been scientifically established, it may bring comfort.

Hug Your Knees 

Allow yourself to relax before pulling your knees to your chest and holding them there for two minutes. According to Blue Cross, pulling your legs in compresses your chest and may help prevent diaphragm spasms.

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