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10 Ways To Make Your Immune System Strong


The immune system is a defense system against any disease. Many biological processes comprise and form an immune system in the organism. The immune system acts as a scanner, as it detects pathogens, viruses, and any infectious germ that can harm our health. The main function of the immune system is to provide resistance to the body against any infection or toxic material. Many cells and organs work together and give protection to the body. White blood cells are the major and essential part of the immune system. These white blood cells have the ability to fight disease.  When any foreign particle enters the body, the nervous system sends a message to white blood cells to make antibodies against that substance. Then the antibody binds with the substance and destroys it, and makes the body safe.

Symptoms of a weak immune system

Our body show many symptoms, which indicate that our immune system is weak:

  1. A person having a weak immune system is always under stress. 
  2.  Sometimes your body starts shivering even in the summer season.
  3.  You may face various belly problems.
  4.  If there is any wound on your hand then it takes a lot of time to heal because of your weak immune system.
  5.  You can get frequent infections.
  6.  All the time you remain in sleepy condition.

Measures to adopt that make your immune System Strong

Take Proper Sleep

Take your proper sleep. You are wondering what is the connection between sleep and the immune system. So the immune system and sleep are closely related. Because it is proved from research that the person who slept 8 hours has little chance to get cold as compared to others who sleep only for 5 hours.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is a major cause of weak immune systems. Because by smoking our body have to compromise on equilibrium. We can’t balance the immune system if we used to smoke. Because by smoking the cells and tissues of the body become weak and they are not able to respond to the foreign particles. So the immune system becomes weak, which may also lead to many autoimmune diseases.

Avoid Junk Food

Nowadays we mostly rely on junk food. Junk food has fewer nutrients and more oil. This kind of food disturbs our immune system to a great extend. it is proved from research that fruits and vegetables are essential for human health and the defense system. Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients like vitamin E, Vitamin C, and beta-carotene. These all nutrients play an important role in boosting up our immune system. Fruits are also rich with antioxidants. So they also minimize oxidative stress. So make fruits and vegetable part of your diet.

Take Exercise Daily

We should take exercise daily. Exercise helps us to flush out bacteria from our body. By doing exercise we can remove the bacteria of the lungs through the airways. If you take exercise regularly, it may reduce the chances of getting cold, flu, and any other infection.  Exercise makes white blood cells stronger and makes them ready to fight the disease.

Reduce Belly Fats

The major issue of the weak immune system is the belly fats and extra fats of our body. It is proved from research that our belly fats produced harmful pro-inflammatory immune cells that circulate in the blood. These circulated cells promote the inflammation of our bodies. So for making our immune system strong we should maintain our weight. 

Stay away from Alcohol

An alcohol consumer has a weak immune system as compared to a person who does not consume alcohol. Because alcohol plays the role of a barrier for the immune system, while he defends the body against toxic substances.

Avoid Taking Stress:

Try to avoid taking stress. By simply relaxing your mind you can make your immune system effective.

Wash Your Hand Timely:

Always wash your hand first. If you are going to cook food, then first you should properly wash your hands. So that harmful germs stay away from yourself.

Eat Food With Probiotics

Try to eat food that is rich in probiotics. These probiotics help your immune system to work effectively.

Drink Enough Water

Drink enough water. Because if we drink plenty of water, it means we fulfill our body requirements. As we know water brings oxygen to our body, so as a resultant our body starts to function properly. Water is also helpful in removing toxins from your body. So if you do not drink enough water it would be harmful to your immune system.

These simple measures help you a lot in improving the strength of your immune system.

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