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How would I Know That I Am Affected From Allergy Or Not


First of all, I will clarify what is allergy because most people are unfamiliar with the term allergy. People consider even itchiness and redness in the account of allergy. But it’s not true, as u all know every action reacts so allergy is the best example of this. Because allergy is the reaction of our immune system in response to the entrance of any foreign particle. It’s our immune system’s foremost duty to keep us healthy and free from foreign particles. Not all foreign particles need to be harmful to us but our immune system responds to every particle-like for toxic or nontoxic both. 

Do not bother if you actually have an allergic reaction because in this world more than 50 million people are affected by allergies. If you leave your allergy untreated then it leads to chronic illness. So After getting this into your knowledge that you have an allergic reaction 

test yourself to know which thing causes allergy. Now you are wondering, how I may know which thing causes this severe allergy. For clearing this confusion I am going to share the best point which helps you to find out the cause of the illness. 

First Thing To Do? 

The first thing we should do is to test ourselves. There are two types of blood tests and skin tests. Now one more question is arising in your mind: which test is best for detecting allergy. These both are valid at an equal level. It’s up to you, which one you will select. Because both of them give an accurate result. 

How To Conduct Allergy Test

As I mentioned above, both tests have equal validity when it comes to accuracy. 

Blood Test 

But doctors mostly prefer the blood test because of two reasons: the first one is very easy to conduct and the second, it has a more convenient level as compared to the skin tests. Also, a blood test has no time restriction it can conduct whenever we want means any time. This is not compulsory that we should have to stop eating before the blood test even if we can take our allergy medication dose before the blood test. There is no restriction like this in the blood test. That’s why this is more convenient than a skin test. But as we know every book has two sides so the same as everything has some drawbacks along with the advantages. The drawback of the blood test is that its result comes out late. Even sometimes we have to wait for a week for the result. 

Skin Test 

For the skin test, it is compulsory for us to visit some expert skin specialist or dermatologist clinics. There is a compulsory point to stop the medication of allergy 7 and 8 days before the test. Also, some things are prohibited to eat before the test. This test is done by rubbing a plastic chip on your hand that is mainly dip in various allergens like pets, tree samples, food particles, and pollen of the flowers. The purpose of dipping that plastic chip is to find out which allergen causes the allergy. For this doctor, first, ask the patient to mention those things which are exclusively linked with you and directly in contact with you. The main advantage of this test is that you do not have to wait for the test. Within 15 to 20 minutes you get the result of the test which is an amazing thing. 

This test causes swelling on our hand that feels like a poke effect that is negligible. Do not bother about this, it lasts for a very small time no bleeding cause as a result. The pain is so slight that a person of every age can bother this. 

Allergy reactions
Every allergy reaction should be tested on time so that it could not be worse for you.

Results Of The Tests

There are two cases in the result of the test that are detected by an allergist. The first case is false-negative and the second is a false positive.

Reasons For Allergic Reactions 

Some people have very sensitive skin that responds to every foreign particle. But keep in mind that every response is not done by the immune system and not all respondents are allergic. Some time due to the change of the season wetness also changes in the atmosphere. Our skin responds to the change of the atmosphere in the form of itchiness, redness, or dry patches. As this is an unpredictable condition for us so we get panic about it because the skin is a more precious thing for us. 

Sometimes we met a friend or traveled on a bus and the nearby person was busy smoking. So if we are not used to the smoke so our skin responds to that by showing redness and itchiness and we take it as an allergy. Even sometimes tests show that you have an allergy but you are not experiencing any symptoms so it is a case of false positive.

What to Avoid Before Testing Your allergy? 

If you think that you have any allergic reaction, do not take any home treatment because it can make it more severe. Avoid testing by yourself. Do not follow the routines or medicines of others because this is not confirmed that you have the same allergy as the other one. Avoid antibiotics that you started taking to start recently related to any disease. One thing you should do immediately is to make an appointment with the doctor. 

What Should Do After The Diagnosis Of The Test

If you came to know which thing causes allergy after your test does only one thing, simply avoid that thing to consume if that is any eating material. If it is any Pet allergen keep yourself away from that pet that transfers any allergen particle in yourself. 

What Should We Do For Seasonal Allergies

If you are infected by any seasonal allergy then you should keep yourself away from the air especially. Because air is the main cause of the travel of the allergens and also the cause of interaction of the allergens with the person. If you do exercise on a daily basis then do it inside rather than outside. Also, keep your home windows close so that no pollen comes inside from the outside. In fact, you should change your air filter from time to time.

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