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How To Keep Our Smartphone Running with Healthy Battery Life


There are a variety of factors that make your Android phone battery life low. Thinner bodies, brighter displays, faster processors, more background applications, and faster internet connections are all battery-powered but manufacturers have more efficient batteries to implement in the phones. The Motorola Moto G Power has a battery of 5,000mAh that can last more than 18 hours. Samsung’s Galaxy S phones, Android’s most common smartphones also have some good battery life depending on the model. There are still ways to get more out of any phone. Android can be difficult to pin down when it comes to apps. Every manufacturer uses a different operating system version so that some settings and functionality will either be different or located elsewhere. here we will discuss how you can save the battery of your mobile to use your mobile for a long time.

Check Your Network Data

Network data on your battery is strenuous, so use Wi-Fi whenever possible. Remember to keep your Wi-Fi on and publicly linked to a network while at home or when possible. By turning off mobile data services from the quick settings panel on your computer, you will stop your phone from using mobile data. You may also use the Airplane Mode to deactivate and turn on the Wi-Fi network, but this delays incoming calls and SMS messages.

Adjust Dark Mode

The dark mode is good in the eyes, but nothing can be done with your battery even if your mobile has an OLED or an AMOLED screen. Most older phones will use LCD displays, but Samsung, OnePlus, and Google’s flagship phones are using the latest display technology. If you have a phone that has an OLED or AMOLED display, it means that the phone simply turns off the black pixels, so you can save a battery when all of those bright white panels are darkened. You could save as much as an hour of battery life by switching to dark mode, according to iFixit. In Android Pie or Android 10, you can toggle on Dark Mode from its quick-settings icon in the shaded pull-down shade of the phone or find it on the backend of the screen.

Switch Your Mobile To Power Saving Mode

 dark mode
Dark Mode can indeed reduce the display power draw by up to 58.5% at full brightness.

Think you’re caught in a situation where you need your phone battery to last longer than usual. Move your phone to power saver mode, automatically reducing battery life-consuming functions. Most phones can offer more than one option, but Samsung’s Android 10 phone has four choices. With the activation of screen lights and resolution, the high performance uses more battery, and Optimized retains the balance between performance and battery life. Saving medium power enables you to maximize battery life by restricting the use of data, and reducing luminosity, resolution, and CPU capacity. If you turn to Full power saving your system will only stretch to the critical applications and services you need.

Switch Your Mobile On Silent mode Some Times

A phone that beeps continuously and buzzes with alerts is distracting and a battery drain, so knock it off. Go into sound and vibration settings and switch down vibration speed. You can also disable haptic feedback here, so it won’t vibrate when you type or touch the screen.

Take Your App Power

Developers put a lot of effort into ensuring that their applications work as well as possible, but many of them continue to run behind them even though you don’t use them. Of course, this will drain data and battery life over time. Go a step further and set unique programs to sleep so that they do not use too much power when not in use. Please keep in mind that sleep applications are not updated until they are in use, so you will have to manually update them. Under the Settings Apps section, you can pick individual apps, then activate, disable, or optimize battery use for the background operation. 

Battery Life
A battery is an electrochemical cell (or enclosed and protected material) that can be charged electrically to provide a static potential for power.

It is a good idea to search the apps that drain your battery the quickest time to see if you can eliminate or disable any outliers. In Settings, you can check this information in battery usage, then determine which programs should be allowed to operate in the background and which should be switched off if not in use.

Automate The Process

If you recall all this, a service like If This Then That (IFTTT) supports automated workflows that can help you maintain battery life. Use IFTTT to turn off services such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your location or to disable certain services if the battery drops to a certain number. Meanwhile, applications like Greenify evaluate the apps on your computer and recognize the ones that are more likely to drain battery power. It can then set dormant apps to hibernate, ensuring that your phone battery runs so smoothly as the day you get it.

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