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How To Lower The Blood Pressure


If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure and want to reduce the number of high blood pressure then don’t worry you are at the right place. You may be thinking to get a long time medication to lower the blood pressure but here we will discuss how you can control blood pressure without medication. Medication is also important but a healthy lifestyle can reduce the need for medication. 

Here are 10 lifestyle changes that you need to adopt if you want to reduce high blood pressure naturally. 

lose weight & Watch Your Waistline

Weight increase is a major cause of blood pressure to increase. Being overweight can also cause disrupted breathing while sleeping that can further raise your blood pressure. So losing weight will be the most effective lifestyle change to control high blood pressure. Losing a small amount of weight if you are overweight or facing obesity problems can help you to reduce your blood pressure. Besides losing weight you should also pay attention to your waistline because carrying too much weight around your waistline can be very dangerous and can also cause blood pressure to increase. 

Exercise Regularly 

Physical activities, at least 150 minutes in a week and almost 30 minutes a day can reduce high blood pressure naturally. If you have bad high blood pressure problems then skipping exercise can be very harmful to you__ you may again face excess high blood pressure. Exercise can help you to avoid hypertension if you have an elevated blood pressure problem. But if you are already facing hypertension then the regular physical activity can bring your blood pressure down at a safe level. Some effective exercises that you can try are cycling, jogging. Jumping, swimming, and dancing. 

Healthy Diet 

If you have a high blood pressure problem then eating a healthy diet that includes whole grain, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products can help you to control blood pressure without medication. Yes! It is not easy to change your eating habits but you should try it on a regular basis. Junk and unhealthy food will continuously lead you to an unhealthy life. You can monitor what you have eaten today or maybe this week and then think about how many junks you have eaten. You should eat the foods that could be very beneficial for you. Try to consider boosting potassium, because it will lessen the amount of sodium in your blood. You can even talk with your doctor about what level of potassium is best for you. 

Reduce Sodium(salt) In Your Diet 

Reducing the amount of sodium in your food can improve your heart rate and blood pressure also. Even a small amount of salt can be very helpful. You should buy low sodium alternates, and you should eat less processed foods__ this because while processing a large amount of sodium is used. Try not to add more salt to your food. Many people like to add salt that can be very harmful to your health. So feel easy to eat less salty food because it will be safe for you. 

Limit The Amount Of Alcohol 

Drinking alcohol can be bad or good for your health, only one drink for women and two drinks for men can be safe. But if you drink too much alcohol then it will be dangerous for your health. Drinking more than a moderate amount of alcohol can raise blood pressure by several points. So use less alcohol as much as you can. 

Quit Smoking 

Each cigarette that you smoke can increase your blood pressure for several minutes when you finish it. That is why quitting smoking can make your blood pressure normal once again. This quitting can also improve your heart health and overall body health. It is noticed that the people who quit smoking usually live longer than the people who do not quit smoking. 

how to lower the blood pressure
Follow all the remedies to lower your blood pressure.

Cut Back to Caffeine 

The effect of caffeine on blood pressure is still in the debate because drinking caffeine can increase blood pressure. But the people who drink coffee regularly may have minor or no effect on blood pressure. So if you want to know if drinking coffee is safe for you or not then drink it and then test your blood pressure within 30 minutes. If it does not raise the blood pressure then you can have but if it raises your blood pressure then call your doctor and talk about the effect of caffeine. 

Reduce Your Stress 

Taking too much stress is dangerous for everyone. It also contributes to high blood pressure. Sometimes there is occasional stress such as if you are overthinking and then start eating unhealthy foods and drinking alcohol then surely your blood pressure will be increased to a great extent. 

You should know how you can manage your stress. Take some minutes and think about why you are feeling stressed, is it because of family, work, or some illness, then try to find how you can reduce this stress to control the blood pressure naturally. 

Monitor Your Blood Pressure At Home 

 You can monitor your blood pressure at home and go to your doctor regularly. Home monitoring is important so that you can check if your lifestyle changes working properly or not. Let yourself and your doctor relax with the home monitoring. Many home monitoring methods are available without prescription that can be done very easily but talk to your doctor before starting home monitoring. 

Get Support 

Sportive family and friends also affect your health. Your beloved family and friends may encourage you to take care of yourself. Give time to your family and try to talk with them and spend time as much as you can. 

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