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How To Maintain Your Yard In Winter


In many parts of the world, the grass of lawns goes dormant in winter. There are few things that you should take care of to maintain your lawn in winter. You can see your lawn beautiful and lush in spring without much care but in winter your lawn is easily fed up. 

In this article, we are going to solve your gardening problem. All you know is the type of your grass even if it is a winter season and spring season. Knowing the conditions of climate and the need for the grass will help you to reduce the risk of grass fading up in winter. 

Fertilize your Lawn during winter

A healthy lawn needs three different kinds of nutrients:

  • Phosphorous (P) for root growth.
  • Nitrogen (N) for dense green top growth.
  • Potassium (K) for general health 

The lawn also has a great need for micronutrients like zinc, iron, and others. Fertilizer can help these nutrients to supply all over the ground. In the spring season lawn responds more quickly to fertilization when the grass is actually growing faster. One more advantage of winter is that the day is long and especially the temperature is warm. 

In winter the fertilization should fall so that the lawn may respond more to fertilization. Because of fertilization, the grass will continue growing even if the temperature is cool. But be sure to never fertilize the ground as it is frozen as it serves no purpose and there is a possibility that most of the fertilizer will wash out. 

Lawn Mowing
Using a greater amount of nitrogen will help to grow and keep the lawn looking green throughout the winter, even in summer.

Follow our directions to fertilize your lawn in a better way:

  • When you spread the fertilizer in the ground, water the fertilizer lightly to wash off the blades of the grass and down onto the soil. 
  • Always spread the fertilization in a circular motion. 
  • Do not drive through the lawn and do not sidewalk. 

Mowing your lawn for winter

If the weather has come and you have not done your final cutting of grass. Then it’s ok it is not a big problem, you can do this work done on any dry day. But remember that mowing is the most important thing that should be done when the weather starts becoming cool. When leaves fall from the trees during the cooling time of year feel free to mow them as they decompose very quickly and add organic matter to the soil. This process will also stop the plants from forming a mat that smothers the grass plants. 

Once you become ready for winter cut the grass shorter than normal.

Weeding your lawn in winter

The best way to weed your grass is to concentrate on taking care of your grass. Also, keep healthy grass shade soil, keep new weed seeds from germinating, and during the growing season, mow your lawn to the appropriate lawn to a specific height and water regularly if it does not rain. To control dandelions, creeping charlie, henbit, and other weed fall is a great time. You can dig them up or spot-treat issues areas with an herbicide. Be sure to pay attention to significant temperature guidelines if you are using herbicide. In winter on a cool day when the temperature is about 50 degrees and warmer, weeds are actively growing and the herbicide is more effective.

Aerating your lawn in winter

During the fall your lawn prepares for the winter that means it enhances its roots. This process helps your lawn to keep growing roots faster by allowing it to breathe and minimize thatch build-up. Building up minim is important because thatch up makes your lawn prevent disease and insects. The aeration process will help to contribute to a fuller and thicker lawn in the spring. So that you may enjoy more time on your lawn throughout the summer. 

Taking care of your lawn is not very difficult. You can perform this care with a bit of attention as it does not require any hard and fast skills. As we discussed before that you need to have proper knowledge of grass to have good care and to choose the material of fertilization. We assure you these tips will help you to make your lawn live longer.


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