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iPhone 12 Vs Samsung s20


The iPhone is mobile in Apple inc. The Apple inc. is an American company that is a multinational company. Their headquarters are also in Cupertino, California. Apple Inc. introduced many Models of the iPhone. This technology is one of the biggest technologies all over the world. Steve Jobs, launched this Apple technology in 1976. Samsung was launched by South Korea in 1938. Lee Byung-Chul is the founder of Samsung technology. There are many Samsung models introduced. After a lit bit of introduction, I am going to share the differences between these two technologies:


If we measured the size diagonally, the Galaxy s20 has a 6.2-inch screen in full rectangular form, the screen of the Samsung s20 has round corners. If we talk about the iPhone 12 screen, the size is approximately 6.06 inches. The corner of the iphone12 is also rounded. The measurement, I have mentioned above is diagonally measurement estimation.

Body Structure

If we talk about the body structure of the iPhone 12, it has 71.5mm wide and 0.29 thickness. The iPhone has a shiny body. This mobile set is available in 4 colors like silver, graphite, gold, and pacific blue. Samsung s20 also has a shiny body like iPhone 12. This mobile set is available in different colors like cosmic Gray, cosmic black, cloud blue, cloud pink. Samsung has also introduced some new colors in upcoming models like Jennie Red, BTS purple.


The iPhone has large storage as 64GB /4GB RAM. So the iPhone has enough internal storage that’s why there is no card slot in this model of iPhone. On the other hand, the Samsung s20 has 12GB Ram and has enough internal storage. Samsung also provides the facility of a card slot.


Samsung Galaxy s20 supports wifi very efficiently, also wireless networking like a hotspot. Whenever you connect your Samsung device with wifi or hotspot you can use any database app easily. Samsung has dual sim capacity. These all features are the same on iPhone 12 like the iPhone always supports wifi, wireless connection, and also a hotspot.

Back Camera

iPhone 12 has rear camera specifications like it has a 12 MP back camera with an amazing 1.6 aperture. Also, it has a function of autofocusing. iPhone 12 has a triple camera. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy’s main camera sensor of the back camera is 12 MP. In fact, at night you can capture the Hd picture by Samsung s20.

Samsung Galaxy and iPhone
Samsung Galaxy and iPhone both are good in their own qualities.

Front Camera

Samsung s20 has an amazing feature like it has an autofocusing feature. Samsung mobile has a 12-megapixel front camera. The iPhone has a 12-megapixel front camera.


The iPhone has a 2,815 mAh battery. The battery didn’t lower even lower than the actual capacity. You have to charge once and then you can use it for the whole working day, without getting a notification of battery low. Samsung has a 4000 mAh battery. It has a fast-charging capacity of 25w. Also, a USB power delivery facility is available. The battery timing of Samsung has great timing like after charging we can use it for the upcoming 78 hours very easily.

Water Proof

 The Samsung s20 is a waterproof mobile. If we use the ingress rating system we can say that it has a rating of 8 for water resistance. Samsung s20 is water-resistant for up to 30 minutes of water falling. On the other side if we are talking about the iPhone 12 it is also waterproof. It is predicted by using the Ip68 rating. But we should avoid keeping our mobile in water until not very necessary.

Dust Resistance

iPhone 12 has the feature of dust resistance, its screen provides protection. Same as Samsung s20 also has a dust resistance feature.


Samsung has loudspeakers with the addition of stereo speakers. Same as the iPhone has a perfect sound system with good quality sound.


Samsung s20 has many color ranges, cosmic grey, cloud blue, cloud pink, cloud white, and Aura red. Whereas the iPhone is available in grey, black, and red colors.


A different sensor like a fingerprint, touch sensor, also faces lock in both Samsung and iPhone 12.  These sensor presences make both mobiles more worth full.

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