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Is digital health the Future?


Almost all aspects of modern life have been completely reshaped by advanced technology and healthcare. Modern technology constantly opens possibilities for care, prevention, and treatment. But, the point is how technology will change the future of healthcare. 

Digital App for medical care and treatment

In 2020, various technologies digitally-enabled models of therapy for anxiety disorder and depression. That will be used in Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) services beyond the National Health Service (NHS). Later on, this technology will expand including other modes of delivery like augmented reality (AR) and VIrtual reality (VR). 


In 2020 and 2021, people will be able to communicate with their health care professionals through the NHS app for their care plan. This app will help people to manage their health needs and direct them to suitable services. They will also be able to get local services for urgent treatment and collect prescribed medicine from their nearest pharmacy.  

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NHS app is a new upcoming app that will allow you to communicate with health care professionals and to check your symptoms.

Digital technology will enhance specialist medical care

In 2022, technology will give easy access to clinicians to give guide templates and “one click away” specialist advice and guidance For GPs. It will prevent many patients from requiring appointments. 

In 2023, diagnostic imaging networks will enable clinical images to transform from the care setting to the patient. This will help to improve image reporting time and the development of large clinical data banks. 

By 2024, the entire world will be able to access their parenthood record digitally. A digital version of the Red Book will enable parents to record and use information about their children such as immunization and growth record. It will enable children to start life with a digital Person Health Record (PHR).

Digital HealthCare and nutritions

By 2025, Health Care and nutritions will be able to personalize a nutrition plan for individuals. They will be able to collect data by your wearable and implementable health monitoring device. After analyzing your gut bacteria the future dietician will be able to suggest a diet plan according to your DNA and metabolism. 

Doctors will be able to get a blood sample at birth time and analyze it to determine health issues.

The Pace of technology is highly changing the way we think about IT in the healthcare system. Digital health is a flowering value to the sector at more than 500$ billion by 2025 with an annual growth rate of 27.7%, according to some estimates. 

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Much advanced technology innovations influence digital health care with 3D printing, telemedicine, and remote monitoring.

Here are some high technology innovations that will influence the future of digital HealthCare:

Artificial intelligence (AI)

It is not easy to work with a huge amount of information. The rapid innovation in cloud computing, analytics, and machine learning have given us more data than ever before. It enhances the ability to look at it in new ways. Artificial intelligence in the future promises to help us in the riddle through this amount of data and obtain new insight that can recognize risks before they happen. It will reduce costs by helping patients to avoid the hospital. There are more AI promises to reduce wastage and speed up the recovery process. 

Digital HealthCare will manage Cancer

A new normal will appear how we can manage cancer. We will be able to see proactive screening with improved diagnostic innovation like in liquid biopsy and genome sequencing technology. Digital technology promises higher accuracy, ease of testing at an affordable cost. In the coming years, cancer will be managed like a chronic disease. Doctors will be able to know what patients are facing and what they need to do to overcome it. Early detection and interference in common cancer types will save many lives and reduce the overall cost.  We will see a great revolution in treatment by digital technology. 

3D Printing

3D printing is the modern technology that revolutionized the way that we think about Medical possibilities, from instrumentation to prosthetics. As we are now able to purify our processes more and more, it has the potential to change the landscape completely. 

Telemedicine and remote monitoring of patients

Having an appointment with the doctor on a daily basis can be expensive. Not in terms of your cost but it is also difficult for the doctor to fit you in his schedule. Telemedicine has already been used for many years to give people access to regular healthcare. But with global streaming video and broadband connectivity, you will see people more comfortable with living and working remotely. Doctors will be able to fit more patients in and give in-person patients more time. 

Cognitive technology

Cognitive technology supports digitized records and advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to handle a large amount of data in some new procedure. It helps to predict disease and overcome it early. It has many other uses like computer vision, natural language processing, and machine learning. 

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Cognitive technology helps to predicts the disease t prevent it as soon as possible.

Health paradigm shift to prevention through diet

In 2025, the health care system will be able to acquire more preventative health care approaches based on developing science beyond the health benefit of a plant-rich and nutrient diet. AI-powered and system biology-based technology enables this trend that exponentially grows our knowledge of specific dietary phytonutrients in specific human health and functional outcomes. After the covid-19 pandemic, consumers will be aware of the impotence of health and they will demand a healthier diet to help support their natural defense. 


Once What were considered roadblocks are now opportunities. Healthcare systems are rapidly adopting new digital tools as they are facing pandemic-19. It is very exciting that technology will change the entire world including the health care system in the future. In the next five years, we will see an amazing improvement in the quality of the health care system.

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