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Is Fashion in games off-putting or stylish?



Games with styles

The use of fashion and clothing in video games can be very attractive and interesting. Undoubtedly, when fashion and games strike, it is very exciting for people. Individuals often think that if you are a true gamer, you cannot take interest in fashion. Well, gamers have many faces. 

Ask any gamer and you will know how they spent most of their time perfecting their look in the video games with character customization. Customizing your character in video games is just like utilizing your artwork. Millions of people play video games daily all over the world. Now, the point is why not talk about fashion in games more? 

Here, in this article, we will discuss the uses of fashion, misuses of fashion in games, and underutilized fashion. Games have been used to reveal different facts of life earlier, from fantasy to war, but now fashion has fallen at the edge. In the past, video games have been a male-dominated field. But, there is a possibility that this topic is brushed off because it is seen as a more feminine interest. 

Fashion in games tells us something more than personality, culture, and other objects that are just a little part of it.

Feminine and fantasy

Fashion matters in some way to everyone; it is not just a feminine interest. In 2016, research from Quantic Foundry revealed that Fantasy is one of the top two reasons to choose a fashion video game for feminine and other people. Fantasy is the fourth highest motivation for men. Most of the gamers appeal to the games that can change that character according to the desire. Fashion and character customization can make gamers feel stronger in war, battle, and force in games. 

Fashion has meanings

It’s wrong when you get the fashion that lacks information and context. Many games fall under this like they offer characters but not fashion. They do not bring anything in the game and do not allow to make characters significant in design. Fashion in clothing can call back a certain period that you want while drawing in the games. Even if some games provide too bad a fashion, it is better than providing nothing. Even there are some fashions also available in some games like that made people laugh. 

Fashion has its complex language

Fashion has some complications with coding, modification, context, and symbolism. So, the first thing that we should do is to make fashion easy and understanding. Fashion can send signals that can give a deep message about your personality. Gamers point out that fashion communities matter to the players, and we should understand that and pay attention to this matter. 

Misuse of fashion in games

For Women and non-binary people, fantasy was one of the top 2 primary gaming motivations according to the study of Quantic Foundry. The ability to feel that you are connected with your characters and his rule is potentially tied to fashion. Fashion has such cultural and personal meaning that is why some people mess up with it. This is because industry and community do not talk about it. 

Fashion is often misused in games and the most well-known example is some vulgar fashions. Many gamers have complicated feelings about this fashion. Some gamers say that outfits do not matter and do not tell anything about the personality yet it directly contradicts the women’s personality. 

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in fashion games being a fashion designer, customize your character as you want and make them interesting for yourself.

Fashion for cultural understanding

Many fashion games are reimagining for cultural fashion designs. In these games, characters can directly be customized into local outfits to express the character’s personality through the textile, motifs, and beliefs, and silhouettes. Manufacturers can modify fashion games to use Pakistani Dress to customize their characters. The character customization options should be very flexible to use New Dress Designs. So that the games enhance culture properly. The characters from existing science-fiction and fantasy titles clarify through the garments from the other side of the world and culture often emerge. Fashion in games has the potential to do so much, understanding the different culture is just a little part of that. 

Being a fashion designer

Have you ever thought about being a fashion designer or ever dream about becoming a fashion designer? Then just install fashion games and dress up dolls as you like. As you are the designer in these games make your doll look good to walk on the red carpet and the catwalk. The best part is that no skill required and no sewing is required to become a fashion designer in these games. If you are a fan of Disney princesses and wanted to make their fashion divers then there are plenty of games available in this regard. You can style your character in your ways according to different cultures and history. 

Love Nikki’s dress-up Queen, Covet Fashion, Stardoll Stylista, Star girl, Fashion Star Boutique, and Fashion Story are some fashion games that are played on large scales. 

So we can say that fashion in games is stylish and increases interest in the games.

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