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Is sustainable fashion a thing?


Most of us try to find sustainable tailored clothes for casual and business environments, whether we are attending a nonprofit’s annual gala or shuffling between boardrooms. We will discuss the sustainable fashion concept. The fashion industry is lashing damaging the environment, using the clothes once then waste them when they get tossed. so that fashion brands can have much needed-interest in upgrading these issues. People want to wear sustainable clothes. It does not matter whether you are at home, dressing for some function, durability, or comfort. They want dresses in which they feel proud and meet their sophisticated lifestyle. In the last couple of years, sustainability has become a lingo. Today consumers are getting closer to chemical feed and they wear it into their bodies in the form of clothes. Meanwhile, eco-friendly clothing is no more such a thing. Almost all garments have some negative impact that may affect the environment. However, many Pakistan brands also promote sustainable dresses. You can find many sustainable Pakistani dresses. Moreover, sustainable fashion is the need of time. Everybody expects sustainable Pakistani New dresses. The situation might not change overnight, it will take time to change for many brands to move in the right direction. It is a time taking task because everyone and everything is infected by it such as designers, sourcing, and the overall production process. It not only affects humans but also workers and communities. Some important issues that affect the fashion industry. 

Dangerous chemicals

From the production process in the fashion industry, dyes and finishes are dangerous for the workers and all humans around the industry. It also gets into the water sources. These chemicals may not be dangerous for the community or the consumers, but it has many problems for the workers. 

Short lifecycle

Sustainable fashion trends shorter the life of the fashion industry. The main goal of sustainable dresses is to buy fewer things that have a longer life. Some brands promote buying used clothes that are simply durable in style and can be worn again and again. 

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Fashion production emits harmful chemicals that affecting the water resources like rivers and streams, and their own manufacturers.

Water consumption

 Dangerous chemicals that are used in the clothing production process, get in water resources. That’s why the demand for fresh water for drinking will become a dream in the coming days. It also has a bad impact on agriculture. The earth is full of water but it is covered with hazardous water now. A large amount of water is salty and polluted. Water near the industry area automatically turned unusable. Many brands are now focusing on how they can cut back and how much water they are using for the dyeing process. 

Most sustainable fabric

The most sustainable fabric is the fabric that has been used previously. Anything that is currently produced with some chemicals has a few negative impacts on the environment. Some fabrics are made of recycling material. It is the most common type of polyester made with recycled bottles. 

Fabric made with sustainable fiber is better than the standard one. Fabric made with organic fiber usually has less negative effects because of the fewer chemicals and water usage.

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Sustainable fashion is exactly an environmentally friendly fashion that refers to reuse clothing to designed, manufactured, and is affordable.

Affordable Brands for Sustainable Fashion

Buying something new is more expensive than buying something used. So, it is automatically affordable for everyone. Many brands have sustainable dresses all over the world including Pakistan. The fashion industry usually calls it “re-commerce”. 

  • Levi’s:  It takes over 2,000 gallons of water just to make a single pair of jeans. For the whole process from growing cotton, the dyeing process, and finishing.

These jeans are usually thrown in the landfills. There they produce carbon emissions and harm our earth. Levis focused on the finishing process to reduce water consumption. They are trying their best to reduce the use of water by up to 96%. Because Levi’s is such a big brand, this decision will have an impact on the fashion industry. They are throwing light on how the fabric can be repaired, re-image, and recycled. So, they can control carbon emissions produced by thrown jeans.

  • Sapphire: Sapphire started to design bags with repurposed and leftover fabric. This independence, sapphire kick-off awning-cloth bags and they were free. These canvas bags are versatile in their use and take place as a conscious choice. The bags had a pouch attached to them. 
  • Generation:  Presently, the Generation brand is brought into this discussion. They focus on how thrown away clothes and other fabric material affect dangerously. used plastic bags throws that increase the waste in Pakistan at a large rate. They are guiding step by step on Instagram on how to do composting in the right manner. 

Pakistan is becoming one of the 185 countries, Who protest against climate change. But still, its textile industry is the largest manufacturing industry. Sustainability has a lot of means for us. As wastage becomes an issue nowadays. This problem should be focused and we should start working on it. New Pakistani dresses should be designed sustainable by famous brands.  They should pay attention to how the used fabric is re-imaged, recycled, and repaired.

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