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The best gadgets to improve your video call


As we are facing a global pandemic nowadays. Working from home has become the norm. Moreover, online classes and online meetings are being handled on different websites and apps. Everyone is meeting only on video calls because of social distancing. The cases of covid-19 are increasing, again and again, it seems as video call life is not going to stop soon. So in this article, we will discuss the best gadgets that can improve your video calls. Using these gadgets you can attend online meetings and online classes more effectively than before. 


It is a video camera that can take an image or stream video calls from one computer to another computer, via the internet. It is typically a small video camera that can sit on a desk easily and can be attached to a monitor. The webcam can take pictures, stream videos, and record videos. Besides, a webcam can transfer video with the help of software through the internet in real-time. Webcam can be used for an online video conference in which two or more people are involved, that contain live audio and video. However, webcam resolution is lower than most handheld video camera devices. It’s lower resolution qualifies the webcam less expensive than other video cameras. But the effect of a webcam is adjustable for a video session. 

Webcam is a digitally design device that built into a computer for efficient video calls.

Hello- the advanced video communication device

Hello, transform any TV into the best-of-breed communication device. It is an all in one video communication device. It involves a voice-controlled device for video conferencing, live broadcasting, security surveillance with motion detection, wireless screen sharing, and many more. Soon, in the future, the latest update of Hello will also introduce additional support for Microsoft Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Cisco Webex. The device is designed with an array of four smart microphones. It has a 4k video sensor and a quad-core processor that ensures that every person in the room is seen and heard.  

HELLO Turns Your TV Into A Powerful Video Communication Device
HELLO Turns Your TV Into A Powerful Video Communication Device.

Noise-canceling headphones

When you are working from home, you can be disturbed by someone or may some outward noise as car horns interrupt you. To avoid these troubles, you can purchase good noise-canceling headphones. It comes in many features, qualities, and different prices. But must select an affordable and good quality headphone that guarantees great voice quality.

Desk lamps

Better lighting can make your video conference more productive. Proper lighting in the room reduces strain on your eyes while staring at a screen. There are many desk lamps with which you can improve your video conference. 

  • Wheelen selfie ring light: It is an affordable light solution. It clamps directly onto your computer or mobile device. There is a hole in the middle of the lights so it lets your camera shoot through the device. It is a simply designed and portable device.
  • UBeesize duo ring light: it comes with two ring lights that are attached to a single base. It provides soft and even lights. You can place it to the back of your desk and can adjust the light balance by moving the long flexible arms. If you want to attend a conference call on from your smartphone there is also a place to hold the phone. 
  • Lume Cube_video conference lighting: it is one of the best solutions to solve the problem of lighting. It is designed with a small LED lights panel with an attachable silicone diffuser. It has a suction cup mount so that you can attach this Lume Cube to the back of your laptop, monitor, and smart device. There is a USB cable for charging the built-in battery. It is a lightweight and portable device.
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To be honest, Desk lamps can improve your video call just make sure your face is lit evenly and does not have unwanted shadows because it can ruin your video call.

Meeting owl

Meeting Owl is one of the best cameras for video conferences. It provides a 360-degree detailed view during meetings. All you need is just to place it in the center of the table and you will be able to enjoy its advanced features. Whoever is speaking in the room, the Meeting Owl will automatically pick up the sound and every motion. With the help of this advanced gadget, you will connect with people all over the world, and feel like you are at the same place. The meeting owl has 8 omnidirectional beam-forming microphones. There is no need to download any software for this Meeting Owl. 

 owl labs meeting owl pro
Owl labs meeting owl pro offers 360 degrees, 720p video conference with microphones and speakers that enhance your video call to a great extend.

eMeet OfficeCore M2

The eMeet OfficeCore M2 wireless speaker is a small handheld conference speaker. It is designed with four microphones arrays, that catches sound from all angles. It catches a voice maximum from 26 feet away that makes it effective for the office. It transfers a voice call into a conference call so that everyone in the room can hear the voice. It is 4.9 inches in diameter and 1.4 inches tall conference speaker that can easily fit in your bag and a bit large pocket. It works successfully with up to 12 people in a room or an office. It includes features of voice AI algorithm and acoustic echo canceller provides high-quality audio that removes unwanted echo and noise. It is a simple plug-and-play designed device that simply can be connected to your computer using a USB and AUX wire. It can be connected with smartphones via Bluetooth. It is a user-friendly portable device. 

The eMeet OfficeCore M2 is a portable Bluetooth device for mobile or telephony app to capture voice effectively that ensure great conference.

Blue yeti nano Microphone

Blue yeti nano microphone is a USB microphone for the desk. It is specially designed for video calls, podcasts, and recording videos. This microphone can be adjusted through software rather than manually. You can purchase it in muted gold, blue, black, and in red color that gives this microphone a professional look. 

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