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The Focus On Wearable Technology


Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is also known as wearables. Basically, these are small electronic devices that can be worn just like accessories. These devices can be embedded in the clothing, tattooed on the skin, and can be implanted in the human’s body. With these wearable devices, you can transfer and receive data through the internet. 

In recent years, we have seen many technologies that are helping us and increase the productivity of the business, daily work, and also impacting the global economy. We have much innovative technology now that is highly helpful for our routine work. But some new wearable technology like Google Glass, Apple Watch, Motive Ring, and Fitbit has promised us to change the way of living much more in the future. It will change the way of using technology, send, receive, and sharing data through the internet. 

Let’s talk about and focus on some wearable technologies that promise to change the entire interface and to bring the fundamental paradigm in how we will and interact with the technology. 

The Wearable Explosion 

Wearable revolution undoubtedly once considered being impossible. But the innovative technology has changed all these misconceptions. 

Smart glasses are the latest wearable technology revolution and are as close as the wearer’s nose. Solos cycling glasses also help the cycle rider with speed and fitness information. If we talk about the latest Motive Ring then we can say that it is delivering high tech features and giving a look at special jewellery. This motive ring continuously tracks our fitness level in the body, heart rate, and also managing the sleeping pattern. This motive ring can be made more productive because the stone over the motive ring gives us the idea to highlight important notifications just like meeting phone calls and microphone also. The wearable revolution promised to introduce more latest technology just like that so that we can have the current information without the bulky screen. 

wearable technology
Wearable technology helps us to handle the heart rate and fitness on time.

The Neuroscience And Wearable Technology 

Neuroscientific is basically a cognitive neuroscientific branch that combines psychology and neuroscience problems. The branch is thinking to overlap the disciple of psychology, cognitive psychology, and neuropsychology. We already have seen the latest cognitive technology that is helping us to manage cognitive problems simultaneously. One of the main examples is virtual technology. Virtual technology helps the psychiatrist to manage their patient’s recovery and to create sceneries virtually without going outside. Let’s consider some upcoming and the latest cognitive technology. 

Google Glass Mini Games has 5 different mini-games that inspire the developers and designers. With this latest wearable revolution, you will see how a mental model plays a major role to manage the game. The brain of the user already knows how to react when the game pop-up. many cognitive technologies helping us to manage and to tackle a lot of things that include: 

  • Mental images to represent the present
  • Mental images to represent the past
  • Mental images to represent a potential and beneficial future

Contextual Use With Wearable Technology 

It is highly important to understand what users think and relate to while approaching the latest technology. In the wearable resolution, it is more important how users interact with the latest technology innovation than what they expect and are supposed to use it. We have seen it too many times that the most advanced and attractive innovation fails just because the users cannot interact with it properly. The latest wearable technology is a waste if you do not think about the user interaction. Designing such friendly and manageable technology is the main goal. 

Anyhow, on the other hand, smartwatches are becoming more and more popular. People are using this tool in their daily routine and it also fits into the natural behaviour of human beings. This pocket watch gain popularity just because of the convenient use and the interaction of users is also very productive. 

This situation shows that designers and developers should not jump only the attractive design and implement all the things at a time. It should be user friendly and helpful so that the technology proved to be successful. 

Motive ring
Motive rings make everything easy to tackle and give the idea of adding a microphone and mice too.

Voice User Interface (VUI) & Wearable Technology 

In the past, designing a voice user interface was no less than designing a bomb. It is particularly too difficult to manage and to develop a voice user interface. Once the visual interface in which the verbal command is given to the window was also very difficult. But with time the hurdles are managed and the designers succeed. Similarly, the latest technology trends make it possible to give a visual response to the user such as the Siri in the smartwatches. But many designers are still working to improve this technology so that the human users can get the feedback just as same as from the human. Wearable wearable technology just because of this introducing the latest technology to overcome all the hurdles of the daily routine so that the human can enjoy. 

It was a small focus on wearable technology that can help you to understand the latest technology innovation. You can consider the advantages of the latest technology innovations and how they will help us in the future. 

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