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The Importance Of Standing Up for Your Health


In this article, we will discuss the health benefits of standing. Standing up in the right way is undoubtedly very essential and beneficial for good health. So here, we will explore a complete detail about standing up for good health. 

Have you ever seen a standing desk in the office for workers? You may have seen some standing desks for the co-workers in some hotels and restaurants. The workers work by standing all the time. It seems so hard but do you know that by doing this they are lowering the risk of many diseases such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and back and neck pain. 

Let’s discuss everything in detail. 

What Actually Standing Desk Is? 

A standing desk is a desk that allows employees to stand up comfortably while working. Many new versions of standing desks are adjustable. It means that you can adjust the height of the desk and even can manage it for sitting sometimes. Many research reveals that standing desks have impressive benefits for health. 

Health Benefits Of Standing Desk

Lower The Risk Of Weight Gain And Obesity

Weight gain is a quite normal thing when you start consuming calories more than you burn. While sitting your body cannot burn any calories. So, for that purpose, you have to do some exercise. But as we are going to discuss the health benefits of standing. Let us tell you one thing that standing up while working can help you to burn calories very frequently. It can also increase the productivity of work. 

Lower The Level Of  Blood And Sugar

It is generally studied that the more your blood and sugar level increase after the meal the more it is worse for your health. According to a specific study, standing for 180 minutes after lunch can reduce blood sugar level. We can also feel the bad disadvantages of sitting after the meal. Almost everyone knows the importance of health for an active and happy life so we should be focused on standing up or walking after the meal. 

Lower The Risk Of Heart Disease

Certainly standing up on your feet has lots of health benefits for your heart. A study revealed that a bus conductor lives a more healthy and happy life than his colleagues who are sitting in the driver seat. A bus conductor stands all day and that is why he has a lower risk of heart disease. 

Help TO Reduce Back Pain

Office workers always complain about backbone pain. The reason is that they always sit for a long time and work in the same pose for the whole day. Fortunately, a huge number of health benefits of standing can help you to get over this problem. All you need is just to transfer yourself from sitting all the time to standing up. You will feel the change in your health day by day. 

Improve Mood And Energy

It has appeared that standing can improve your mood and boost your energy level. We have searched a lot for this and find that the employees who work by standing to feel less stress and fatigue than the workers who prefer to sit all the time. We can say that standing up is too important for good health and for a good mood. 

The importance of standing for good health
The importance of standing for good health

Increase The Level Of Productivity 

If a standing desk has lots of benefits for good health then there is some concern also that standing desks may hinder some tasks just like typing. As we have explored, standing improves your mood and boosts energy so there is no doubt that standing up will increase your work productivity level. Standing up not only has benefits for your health but also for work. 

Pros and Cons Of Standing Desk 

Here we are going to go through a short overview of the pros and cons of a standing desk. A standing desk, now we can say important for good health but there are some cons also that we need to discuss. But check the pros first. 

Pros Of Standing Desk 

  • Burned more calories 
  • Increase productivity
  • Less back pain
  • Less heart disease
  • Increase living 
  • Fewer fatigues and stress as compared to others 

Cons Of Standing Desk 

  • Vein problem
  • Foot and leg problem 
  • It is not ideal for every task
  • Does not replace exercise 

The Right Way To Stand 

We have discussed everything in detail and the importance of standing for good health. Now, we need to know the best and right way of standing. It is really important to know the right way to stand if you really want to enjoy the benefits of this trick. 

Many experts say that the right way is that you prefer standing then sit for some time and then stand again for some time and practice throughout the day. Sitting all the time is bad but standing all the time is also bad for health. Start practising this sit and stand method for 30 minutes at the start and then you will be used to it. 

Now you are able to enjoy the health benefits of standing. Try this and you will see improvements in your health. 

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