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Tips to make your eyes look rounder and more prominent


It’s been a long time since we started craving for Bambi-like eyes. Disney princesses were our first beauty goals. One of the most important reasons that made these princesses stand out was their big round eyes. And if you are wondering how to make your eyes look bigger and rounder like Disney princesses, here are some helpful tips to make your eyes look more prominent.

Use the following tips to make your eyes look bigger and rounder. You have to pamper your eyes daily if you want them to look rounder and prettier. Staying up all night and watching movies and your favorite shows can be fun but it causes puffiness around your eyes.

Make sure that you get enough sleep. Do not forget to wash your face with cold water when you wake up in the morning. If you stay up all night, place cold tea bags around your eyes and that will help in reducing the puffiness around the eyes. Regular exercise can also help to keep the skin around your eyes in the perfect shape and that’s how your eyes will not look tiny.

Keep your brows in good shape

Eyebrows are especially very important in achieving your desired big eye look. Most people don’t know this but how you shape your brows helps your eyes look round and bigger. For beginners, you should always keep your eyebrows in a good shape. Because they play an important role to present your eyes to look flawless. 

The other thing is, if you are interested in bold brows, you can easily create the illusion of bigger eyes by maximizing the space above your eyes. If you make your eyes look thicker, it will be beautiful to your eyes. Do not over-tweeze your eyes because it makes one look aged.

Use light-colored eyeshadow

It also depends on the event you are going to but it’s best if you try to use light-colored eyeshadow. You should apply the dark colors on the parts that you want to push back. Also, you should use light colors on the areas that you want to reflect in the light. Apply light colors in the center, if you want to bring your eyelids forward.

use light colored eyeshades to make your eye look more prominent and bigger.

Conceal the dark circles under your eyes

There’s nothing that draws more attention than the dark circles under your eyes. The dark circles under your eyes will make your eyes look tired and smaller.

That’s why it’s really good to use concealers to cover the dark circles under your eyes. Always use a concealer that’s lighter than your foundation. Even though it will not make your eyes look bigger, it’s really important to focus other people’s attention on somewhere else. Also, make sure that you apply it upside-down so that it perfectly blends to your face. That’s how you get to look more glam.

Before you use any concealer, you must know the type of undertones your skin has in that specific area. This information will help you a lot in selecting the right concealer.

Adopt The Nude Effect

Regardless of what people think, filling your eyes with kajal won’t make your eyes look bigger or rounder. Instead of that, it will make your eyes look smaller. The best way to achieve big and round eyes is to adopt the lower lash line nude effect. And a contour eyeliner can do that. Though it can be amazing to do so, it’s better to apply Eyeliner only to the eye’s outer third. That’s how your eyes look bigger. The key is not to use eyeliner a lot. A brush will help you soften your eyeliner. And while applying the eyeliner, make sure that you apply it more close to the lashes.

Curl up

Curly eyelashes also make your eyes look bigger. And to make the most out of them, you have to curl them up closer to the roots. You can have any popular eyelash curler. Besides being popular, you can use anyone that works the magic for you.

Shimmer the inner corner of your eyes

When this trend first came out, most people didn’t like it but when more and more models started doing it, it gained its popularity. There’s no doubt that if you shimmer the inner corners of your eyes, they’ll look bigger. There are two ways to do this. You can blend it with your makeup and that’s how you can have a more natural look. You can also heighten things by using a different sparkle and that’s how you can have everyone’s attention.

Use Mascara

When we talk about applying makeup, mascara can do wonders. By using mascara you will look like those models and fashion divas, you see in magazines and on social media. Invest in quality mascara and make your eyes look significant. Depending on the shape of your face you can choose from various ways on how to apply it. 3 to 4 coats will be sufficient for you to achieve your desired look.

eye 1 1
mascara makes your eyes look more significant.

Eye masks

Till now we have just focused on the tips that will make your eyes look bigger and rounder. However, other products too are helpful in giving you a prettier look. And one of such products is the eye mask.

Eye masks are made up of caffeine, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. They help in soothing sore eyes, reduce puffiness, and make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Eye masks also contain water, glycerine, and aloe vera. If you use eye masks, you’ll walk through your door every day with bigger and brighter eyes. But remember that eye masks are a temporary solution and that doesn’t mean that you should be awake all night. Eye masks can be used as a temporary and quick method to remove the dark circles and puffiness of the eyes. If you want a long term solution, you have to get enough sleep and eat healthy food. 

Eye cream

Another product that helps in giving rounder and bigger eyes is the eye cream. If you are going to use this, you should be aware of the following things. You should know about the ingredients that are being used in these creams and that’s the only way to find out if it works for you or not. 

  • Hyaluronic acid gives the skin a fleshy appearance
  • Ceramides that ensures that your skin is hydrated and is in its perfect structure
  • Those who have sensitive skin should go for peptide eye creams and not those with retinol
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