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A vacuum cleaner is a system that produces suction to remove debris from floors, upholstery, draperies, and other surfaces, often known simply as a vacuum or hover. Typically, it is electric. Debris is gathered either for dustbin or for subsequent storm disposal.

Rachel Fletcher

It is a robot vacuum cleaner, a person who used it not before are think it is not good for cleaning, but when he used it then he feels happy after using it, it clean al the dog’s hair or another small kind of things.

Vacuum Cleaner
It is a robot vacuum cleaner. It clean the whole surface efficiently.

The user has two perceptions about it, the one is it create noise when we use it but it is wrong, after using I am satisfied that it never creates noise, I schedule it daily and add the time when it cleans the home. And the second one is my dog feel terrified when I used it but it is wrong. Rachel Fletcher vacuum is like a family member, not a cleaning thing. The price is 600$ only.

Zoe Sessums, Associate clever editor

When I bought it and it delivers me by coral in a box, when I open the box I feel it is so difficult to use it because it has many parts. When I attached 3 pats of it then I understand that it is very easy and useful for me, I clean my bad room in just 3 minutes only in initial charging.

The best thing about this vacuum is it having a blue LED light in front of it. With this light, I can easily found and look at the dust in my bad room and clean it. It also helps me to clean my dog and cat’s hair because I can easily find the hair of dog and cat under the sofa and bad.

Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum cleaner is valuable tool for cleaning every home.

Its prize is 250$ to 400$ on different websites.

 Gabriela Ulloa, Assistant to the Edition in chief

The best thing about this vacuum cleaner: it is the biggest duty, it seems like a business and it will pick up all the dust, hairs and also the rice grains which also escape in or under the table or boxes.

The frustrating thing about this vacuum cleaner: the weight of this vacuum cleaner is very high and we cannot manage it in a small space. It is made for a home, not for kitchen boxes or a studio. If you have a home then I recommended you to buy this vacuum cleaner it is very useful for the home. The prize for it is 330$ only.

Sydney Wasserman, Special Projects Director, Digital

The best thing about this vacuum cleaner: this having brushes and nozzles which are amazing. The brushes are very useful and reached corners very easily and smoothly. It is also very useful for velvet sofa and parquet. It’s also really comfortable to use. It has lightweight and extendable. You can use it in the kitchen, home and also the studio.

The frustrating thing about this vacuum: it has a small size and less to occupy the space, when I test it in a small apartment or my studio then it is not fit for it. I suggest you whenever you want to purchase the vacuum cleaner firstly you should check your apartment or home space then buy the vacuum cleaner. The prize of this vacuum cleaner is 699$ only.

Erika Owen, Associate Director, Audience Development

The best thing about this vacuum cleaner: the first thing due to that I love it, due to its small size. I can easily drag it in my small house at any place of house and corner. It has wheels when helping it move from one place to another. It creates no noise.

The frustrating thing about this vacuum: the vacuum consist of two parts, which are connected by a tube. Here were times when the hub of the vacuum felt a bit like a dog, as it ran into things and got in the way and I was stepping around the room. Fortunately, there’s a 13-foot cord that helps give you a workroom. Its prize is 700$ only.

Carly Olson, Freelance Contributor

The best thing about this vacuum cleaner: it has a small size and also has a charging dock. You never need bulky space for it. by this, it can reach any corner of the bad.

The frustrating thing about this vacuum: it leaves something to be desired by the automatic motion sensor. Although the sweeping functions were effective at picking up dust, hair, and other scraps, I found that some of my taller, skinnier furniture parts were frequently vacuumed.

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