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 The app market is almost full of plenty of apps. There are some apps that are very familiar and we already know about them such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger. We are using these apps regularly without any tension. They have become a part of life. But there are some apps that are really essential and must be on our smartphones. Even if there are multiple apps but we have some special 10 apps that we help you a lot in the future with their innovative technology. We are going to explore these apps below so that you can have the best one on your smartphone. 


Almost everyone forgets to hold their mobiles vertically while recordings video. This app is specially developed to solve this problem. We normally forget to record video horizontally and then the video record in a very small format but this app will let your video be recorded in landscape and horizontal format. You can clearly watch all the objects in the video. The entire interface of the app is very friendly. It means that this app will solve your recording problems. 


It is very easy for the hacker to hack your Emails easily now-a-day. If you have saved all your special Emails carefully with good privacy but what about the trash and paperwork that you usually have done on your smart-phones. To solve these problems you can have this app on your smart-phone. It will manage your Emails and will take snaps of the important emails. It will let the spaces free for the upcoming important Emails. The good thing that it really works. 

Sleep Cycle Power Nap

While having this app you can increase your daily productivity. We can also assume this app is like a health-related app because it manages the sleeping period. According to the research, a short and quick nap is much healthier than long sleep in the middle of the day. It is one of the most friendly apps that you can have on your smart-phone. It has two modes that you can set accordingly. The good thing about this app is that it will wake you up from sleep with a very melody tune. It means that it avoids oversleeping by playing a gentle alarm that will not irritate you. 

Nu Skin TR90

This app is specially developed for you if you want to manage your weight in a better way. We can also say that this app is also a health-related app. It will help you to keep on track with your weight. It records your food intake and exercise period. You can easily set up the goals of your weight with this app. It is also one of the finest and friendly apps. 

Action Movies FX

If you are fond of recording videos then you must like to add actions in the videos. This app is specially designed to fulfill this wish. You can add fun to the videos that you are recording with this app with a very little amount of money. It is very easy to use this app. With some extra fees, you can easily have additional effects too. 

top 10 apps
It is very important to have smart apps on your mobile if you want to manage your tasks in a good way.

Sleep Talk Recorder

We have seen many people who used to speak during sleeping time. Maybe many people also told you that you have not even realized that you have this problem. Give this friendly app a trial. It only triggers when it catches some kind of voice. It is designed with innovative technology. 


It is like a management app. You can manage your tasks here. You have no need to create a list and edit it every time. This app will help you solve all these problems because everything you need is in front of you with a little informative message and you can lead a productive routine. 


If you are a movie lover then missing a scene if the movie may hurt you more than anything else. You can miss a scene accidentally just like if you go to the bathroom then you must have to miss it. But this app will help you solve this problem. All you need is just to turn this app and tell which movie you are watching and then it will optimize the time for you. This app is fun and also very friendly. So You can have this app if you want to manage your time during the movie. 


Basically, it is a payment management app. You may fall in love with this app. You can make sure of your payments with this clever app. It is very easy to use this app because of its friendly interface. You can also make a request for payment to a special person. 

Walk-Up Alarm Clock 

Do you have or snooze your alarm again and again while sleeping? Then this app will let your problems be away from you. Once you have set the alarm on this app it will never stop until you wake up and complete 10 steps. You can also manage the steps according to your choice. 

All these apps are very essential and we must have them on our mobile if we want to solve our daily common problems. Some of them are health-related apps while others are management apps. These apps are developed with the latest innovative technology that is why these are very friendly and you may fall in love with these apps.

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