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Top 10 best Podcasts to listen to right now


What is a podcast? 

A podcast is a digital audio file that is made available on the internet for download on a mobile device and computer. These podcasts are typically released in episodes and as a series which can be received by subscribers automatically. 

What is the purpose of the podcast? 

As we discussed it is an audio record of the discussion on different subjects such as travel, business, and entertainment. These podcasts often listen on iTunes and Spotify. Sometimes, they are also hosted on different websites. It is a perfect way with which you can share your ideas and inspires multiple people around the world. 

We are here to discuss top rating and famous podcasts and reasons why we should listen to them right now. 


On its 400th anniversary of the first slave ship landing on America’s shore, the New York Times has launched the 1619 project this year. hosted that States, with which the legacy that context grapple archival aims through a included new in wide-ranging audio, United complicated story give a narrative by and tells podcast to of The Nikole slavery observations and series, essay-like Hannah-Jones. Moreover, listening to this podcast is quite interesting. This basic category of this podcast is history. 

Black Girls, 1 Rose 

This podcast is about culture. It is one of the finest podcasts that we hear. Superfans Natasha Scott and Justin Kay of bachelor and bachelorette are not afraid of calling the sexiest and racist blunders of the often problematic show on their Podcast, 2 girls 1 rose. Soon they are going to hook on a new episode of “It’s Hard being a bachelor Fan”. 

American Fiasco

It is a sports-based Podcast and if you love soccer then you will find this Podcast fun for yourself. Bennett pieces together a story about a team crushed under great expectations, through interviews of players, coaches, and Management. You can get a new hooked episode on The Dream (On) Team. 

AmericanFiasco Trailer Image 2
American Fiasco podcast is all about the sports and they share latest news about sports.

The Argument 

This Podcast is about the general category of politics and the latest news. The era of Trump has ushered in a host of excellent political Podcasts that includes an entire network dedicated to the resistance. The New York Times makes a compelling case for listening but in the landscape of increasingly polarized opinion. Through some stances of the podcast will surely inflame the listeners and everyone will learn what others are thinking about them. The Abortion Arguments is a new hooked episode in this Podcast that will surely attract all podcast listeners around the world. 

Bear Brook

This podcast generally talks about true crimes. We should listen to this podcast because it’s interesting Bear Brook examines a particularly disturbing cold case that dates back to 1958when police found four unidentified dead bodies in barrels in New Hampshire’s Bear Brook State Park. The stories that they shared look like true crime stories because of their narrative techniques. You will find yourself lost in the story as the host puts you in the dilemma. We suggest you listen to this podcast if you want yourself deeply merged with the nostalgia. Besides this, they are also uploading a new episode of “Hide and Seek”. 


This podcast is also about the latest news and politics but the point is why we should listen to this podcast. The podcast has several questions and queries that lingered even after a judge sentenced Larry Nassar, the former USA  Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor, to 40 to 175 years in prison for harassment abuse. In this Podcast, the host Lindsey Smith and Kate Wells were trying to explain how Nassar established his reputation as a Good Guy but how the people ignored him and enabled his behavior through the interviews with the survivors. They are going to establish a new episode of “The Good Guy”. 

The Big One

This podcast talks about the science and events that happen because of science all around the world like earthquakes. It is hard to understand unavoidable devastation in the abstract. We all know about the destruction that happens in California due to the earthquake that could hit any second but rarely we do not like to think about it in detail. The buildings collapsed and the people were trapped in this dangerous earthquake. Everything is defined in their podcast through audio narration. If you want to know and learn about the science that is happening in this world, you must listen to this Podcast. 

download 2
The big one Podcast updates about the latest happenings of the World related to science.

The Birth Hour

This Podcast is basically about parenting. The only reason that attracts us the most and forces us to listen to this podcast is its realistic points. Normally people do not talk about the reality of giving birth and what issues and miracles happen in women’s bodies. As we know many women enter pregnancy situations without knowing everything about it. The main theme of this Podcast is to know about the complications and all problems related to pregnancy. Women must be educated about all these problems along with body changes. If you want to know everything about the pregnancy and want to have a good experience in the birth process then we suggest you listen to this Podcast. It will help you a lot to overcome your worries. 

A black man can’t jump in Hollywood

In this world, everyone has some complexions and others have superiority complexions. Some have bright in color, rich, and extra talented like complexions and behave like leaders while others have dark color, poor, and inferiority complexions. This Podcast is all about that you will hear a cultural discussion here. We all know that white sight is still dominated in Hollywood than and normally black people have to bear criticism. We should handle this issue and the race only then we can end this cruel debate. 

Caught: the lives Of Juvenile Justice

Again we are sharing a Podcast that talks about the latest news and political updates. When many Podcasts sometimes share wrongly updated news about true crimes. This Podcast shares the most authentic and real news about the latest happenings and political wars. If you want to remain updated about politics then this podcast will help you the most. 

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