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Top Effective ADHD Apps That You Should Know


We are here to discuss ADHD apps that are highly beneficial for teens. Basically, ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a certain type of disorder that is normally associated with children. That is why ADHD apps are designed so that your children can manage their daily tasks easily. We can see that there are many apps on the phone that are specially designed to manage your challenges, priorities, and complex task routine. Many people use these apps and become successful. 

Here, we are going to show you some popular and highly effective ADHD apps for you. These apps are also known as the best productivity apps and the best planner apps. 

We have found some apps for you to help you take the load off. 

Due-Reminders And Timers

This app has a 4.7-star rating. As we know, distractibility plays a significant role in ADHD but having this app will help you to get back on track with reminders to do the important things. You can increase the productivity of your daily routine with this app by taking the flexibility out of the must-dos such as taking medication. The app is designed in a super easy and friendly way so you can easily set the reminder and then it will ping you to complete your work until you mark your task done. The price of this app is 6.99$. 

Remember The Milk

We have seen that sometimes a single task has many steps and we cannot manage them because of the burden of the work. With this app, you can increase the chances of accomplishing multiple tasks by creating a list of subtasks. Just add your tasks with the due date and also add a helping note to provide you helpful information like Location, password, Email, and More you want to complete. Then this app will remind you of the task with the due date and with helpful information. This App also has a 4.7-star rating. You can have this app free with in-app purchases. 


This app is also free with in-app purchases. You can assume this app, as your modern-day trapper keeper. There are multiple options in this app you can type to-doc, Scan the handwriting note, take images, keep videos to remind you of the task. You can also save a website for searching purposes. There is a searching function in this app. There are many people who are not able to find their browser, folders, and other stuff easily so this app will help you to sort out your problems. You can easily find what you want according to our need and time. As long as I know it is a great choice. Also, this app has a 4.4-star rating. 


Asana app also has a 4.7-star rating. You can also use this app free of cost. It is a free collaboration tool. In this app, you can add the To-do list with the due dates and add some helpful information. After that this app will help you to complete your task on time with the due date because it pings you with information that you have provided with the task list. It is a great tool for adding structure to professional life. This app also provides the facility of team collaboration. It means that you can assign the task to others on the task project, view the task completion, and then can change them according to the requirements. It is one of the greatest apps if you have a professional life. 


If things easily skip and out from your mind and you want someone to ping you and motivate you all the time then this app will help you to solve this problem. Todoist apps will help you to be very productive in your daily routine. In this quick-add app, you have to add the task list, due date, the hashtag of category, and then the app will take care of all your worklist to be complete on time. You can easily track your productivity with this easy and effective app. It also highlights how many tasks you have completed and how tasks are remaining to complete. You can have this app for free and the rating of this app is 4.8.

ADHS apps list
ADHD apps are really helpful to increase daily productivity.

Brain Focus

This app is also free with 4.4 ratings. It is the finest app because this app seems like a time management app because it helps you to use your phone as a distraction. This app deals with all your mobile apps and other notifications that disturb you and become a cause of distraction for you so that you can do your work productivity. The good thing is that this app uses the Pomodoro method to manage your task list. You must have to use this app when you want to be focused on your work and want to use your phone very little. 


This app has 4.6 stars rating. You can download this app for free. It is one of the best planners apps. It acts as a tool for project management. So you can use this Trello app as a productive project manager, app developer, and products manager. It has a very friendly interface so you can use it easily. There are many friendly options in this app that you can use and it provides you lots of facilities such as you can share your information with other users. 

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