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Top 10 Most Common Health Issues


It is a most common proverb “Health is wealth”. It means that health relates to everything. If you are healthy only then you can enjoy your life freely. But now almost everyone faces some kind of health issues globally. We are going to find out common health issues here. These issues are very common and almost everyone bears them once in their life. 

Physical Activity And Nutrition

This is the problem that everyone is facing around the world. As the latest technology introduces day by day the people are feeling more free day by day. People are using technology and leaving their daily activity. Many people prefer to play games all the time while others remain busy with other technology trends just like enjoying virtual tourism. That is what they had left thinking about the physical activity and forget about their benefits for health that is why everyone is facing lack of nutrition. While the research shows that people who prefer physical activity prevent or delay many diseases such as heart attack, diabetes, and cancer. 

Obesity And Overweight

We should learn that weight gain can increase the danger of death by hypertension. You can also have diabetes at an early age. Being obese and overweight can increase the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, dyslipidemia and endometrial, breast, prostate, and colon cancers. These are very common medical issues that you can face. 

Substance Abuse 

Substance use means the use of alcohol and drugs. Being used to these kinds of substances means that you can face nearly age death. It also can create a danger to face serious and common medical issues. Many people understand the problems of these substances and leave using them but these effects that you already have cannot be recovered or maybe recover slowly. But this is the most common health issue that people are facing around the world. 

Use Of Tobacco

We can see many young and adults are using tobacco. It has become a trend, especially for young boys because they consider it a fashion or style for themselves. Just because of the use of tobacco many people faced early death in the US. The use of Tobacco can damage your immune system and lead to an unhealthy and hazardous life. 

Mental Health Issues

Mental health problems are not a part of life but almost everyone faces them once in their life. Many mental issues can be caused by some disease, some adverse reaction to medications. It can be because of hearing problems, nutrition imbalance, renal failure, and diabetes. Even if it is not related to health, you can face mental health issues because of depression. Sometimes emotions also affect our mental health. 

common health issues
Medical issues should be handled at time because they become worse day by day.


It is also a very common health issue all over the world nowadays. People are more likely to have HIV and AIDS issues at an early age rather than in the past in which people above 50 face this problem just because of the weak immune system. But now younger people are more likely to have this issue even the adults are facing this problem very frequently. Some HIV symptoms are fatigue, weight loss, skin rashes, swollen lymph nodes, and dementia. These are the common medical issues that you can face just because of the HIV problem. 

Injury And Violence

In this fast and advanced world, everyone is in a hurry and that is why everyone faces injury problems. In the past, people after 65 or older faced injury problems and then they have to admit to the hospital where they face violence. Many ways and strategies can be used to stop the injury problems but the violence cannot be stopped. We can see every one creating noise around us. Anyhow, we can handle all these problems with the medication reviews. 


Influenza and pneumonia are the most common medical issues in these 10 health problems. This problem also causes early death in young and adults. There is no doubt sometimes vaccination for seniors works and proved helpful to overcome this issue. But this problem is common and spreads worldwide because pneumonia is very common especially in women. 

Environmental Quality 

There is no doubt that environmental quality damages the human immune system badly. That is why everyone faces some kind of environmental problem. Our environment has waste like medical waste, industrial waste, and other hazardous waste. This waste adds more hazardous chemicals to the environment. So, we can say that everyone faces mental and health issues because of the environment. 

Poor Medications

Generally, people do not focus on the proper care and medications. They know that we need medications but they forget to complete them properly or to take care in future. Some people leave their medications in mid and as the result, they have to face medical issues again and again. 

Seeking good medical health is very essential but hard to find. You should be very protective of your mental and physical health. No doubt technology has created many easy ways to use and increase productivity with less effort but we should give priority to our physical activity too. 

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