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Top AI technology to look for in 2021.


Artificial intelligence (AI) and its subdomain Machine language (ML) have been showing amazing technology trends from the past few years. AI, transforming the way of living and interaction of human beings with machines at a large scale.

The covid-19 pandemic has impacted badly on every aspect of life and business but cannot affect and demolish the impact of AI in our lives. AI helps us how we can live and work in this pandemic era. All restrictions and policies that are imposed during the covid-19 pandemic have turned out to be an advantage for coming AI trends. AI has been turning the businesses toward digital transformation during the lockdown. AI is solving and automating the manual business workflow. It reduces the cost as it is a futuristic technology. The 2020 year is a witness that many unique types of research, platform, and technology tools utilize AI to great extent. However, the year 2021 has promised a much more unique trend. It will prove a golden year for AI implementation. AI trends in 2021 will shape our lives, change the way of business, and provide advanced civilization in many ways.

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Latest Artificial intelligence research shows 86% of business gathering benefits of better customer service through the use of AI.

AI-Powered chips industry set to boom

With the heavy expansion of investment in AI technology, you will find a processor that is fast enough to process data fastly according to the requirement of this technology. As compared to this many sophisticated CPU struggles to maintain the processing speed required by AI technology for different activities such as NLP, machine learning, and speech recognition. That is why the study by the Allied market research rate that the unique AI chip industry reached over $100 million in market value by 2025. AI-powered chips can handle the processing speed that cannot be handled by normal CPUs. it is more efficient in working and it seems as many companies will invest at a large scale for this chip to enhance their business. It is not only about speed but also leads the business to a competitive edge. It completes the tasks within seconds and simplifies the complicated tasks. This all becomes possible because it provides more computation speed per unit than the CPU. it also consumes less energy than the CPU. AI-powered chips also provide many facilities like its predictive analytics and advanced calculation required by AI algorithms. 

AI-chips are divided into their types such as industry and processing speed in different ways. These different categories are central processing unit CPU, general graphic unit GPU, and field-programmable gate array FPGA. 

AI-driven decision making and forecasting

The covid-19 pandemic will end up costing between $8.1 and $15.8 trillion globally, according to the World Economic forum estimate. The overall loss in global finance based on this estimate is the requirement for smart, timely, and AI-decision making, maybe not demanded more than it is now. The forecast can accurately predict adverse data sets up to 90%, through the use of Machine learning and AI. we can expect more upward technology tools by investing in these trends for business forecasting. In AI-based business forecasting, some of the fields will prominently have some extra-ordinary features such as fraud detection, suicide prevention, sales forecasting, stock optimization, and debt management. It also provides many facilities for medical apps for the early detection of medical conditions and diagnosis. All these mentioned fields are heavily data-driven. Many banks and business forecasting will allow organizations to make smarter decisions based on AI-driven information, as a result of these masses. 

Because of the covid-19 pandemic, many businesses feel vulnerable and maybe some damaged business will take a lot of time for recovery for the next few years. 

Examples of AI in Decision Making
With Artificial intelligence AI-driven technology, MarkerSight enables Teva and Hoka to make proper decisions.

Robotic process automation (RPA)

It is one of the most attention-seeking AI technology that helps in performing manual tasks. Without disturbing or creating a mess, it can efficiently perform high volume tasks on the desktop. This work might be debit for a client. 

The robot can perform different tasks like opening email through RPA after that copies the given data into a CRM database, and then it can collect data from another database. It can perform many tasks multiple times in a day and saves human’s time to do some important work. Robotic process automation is a robot that works with the help of software for performing manual tasks. If there is some task that cannot be performed by the robot, it mentioned this task to its owner to step in. Robotic process automation will help in the billing process, invoicing, extracting data, tracking, and payroll processing. It also has the ability or hybrid workForce that shows the collaboration of human beings with robots

AI in HealthCare

Artificial intelligence is already helping the healthcare system to a great extent. But it will show further surprising advantages in 2021. AI developing companies are working hard to develop more AI medical tools to enhance the capabilities of the Healthcare industry. AI researchers are developing a thermal camera and smartphone apps for measuring the temperature. Many doctors inspired by AI are recovering patients suffering from covid19. AI can help the Healthcare industry in different ways by using analysis and predict different results about the medical condition. AI and ML tools provide suggestions to disease from spreading. Now AI researchers are working hard to develop advanced AI algorithms to predict future outbreaks accurately. 

AI for cyberSecurity and data violation

The advanced AI tools will collect information from news, websites, blogs, and stories to identify all threats. As it will collect more data and analyze the data, the system will become much more precise. In 2021 digital data will be in more danger and can be hacked easily. The data can be used for phishing attacks. AI researchers are developing advanced technology that can support the security department against hacks and malicious activity in every field. AI will provide cybersecurity in the future to prevent cybercrimes. All AI-based systems will spot fake digital activity. its alarming prevention will protect digital data from hacking. In 2021, the demand for AI in cybersecurity will rise because of its high efficiency.

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