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Top best Netflix series you haven’t yet watched


There are numerous Netflix series that come up every week and most of them are breathtaking. We know that it’s hard to keep an eye on every Netflix and to figure out which one’s best for you to watch. So, to solve your problem, we have piled up the best Netflix shows which are worth-watching. So, where should we start? Have you watched Bridgerton yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Let’s start this article to have a look at the amazing seasons available on Netflix. 


You have seen royal dramas before but none of them can compete for this one. Shonda Rhimes produced Bridgerton, a flirty Netflix series that focuses on the Bridgerton family. One of the daughters of the Bridgerton family Daphne is of the age to find a husband to marry but couldn’t find one. So, she ended up pretending to fall in love with the most handsome Duke of England. But things didn’t go as they had planned. And then it becomes a scandalous yet heartfelt love story. We cried with their sadness and felt happy when they smiled. There’s no denying that it has become the most-watched Netflix show within just a few days.

The Queen’s Gambit

Queen’s Gambit had become the most-watched series after some days when it was released. Though it’s a limited series but is portrayed really amazingly. It’s about an inspiring chess champion who’s passionate about chess. All the episodes on one game Chess but no one gets bored. It taught us determination and also taught us not to give up. It progresses gradually but in a beautiful way. It still is the most-watched Netflix series. I’m sure that you will start loving chess once you start watching this series. checkmate!

The haunting of the hill house

The haunting of the hill house was Netflix’s first horror movie. It was basically a terrifying novel by Shirley Jackson. The producer of this series was Mike Flanagan whose previous movies were Hush and Gerald’s Game. The story of this series was that the Crain Family moved to a new house which is the hill house and they wanted to do some amendments to this house but the house had other plans. Everything took place at night when the family which was living there decades ago, was brutally killed. This series is really terrifying. There’s also a romantic touch given to this series and that’s what makes it quite opposite of the horror series. After watching this, you’ll surely be scared to turn off the lights in your room.

The umbrella academy

Netflix’s most-watched superhero show, season 2 isn’t now on Netflix yet but still, this is the most overlooked series of Netflix. If you are a lover of science fiction and action series you should definitely watch this one. It’s about a group of superhero siblings, who were born at the same time, on the same day from mothers who were not actually pregnant. The series is cooler, crazier, and kind of a joyride. If you are looking for a series that’s like a rollercoaster having superheroes, then the umbrella academy is for you. We are wishing that the next season comes soon with amazing surprises for us.

 Stranger things

The most-watched series for the last few years. It’s a science-fiction drama that focuses on a group of energetic and brave teenagers, who find themselves fighting a strange and dangerous force below the earth. One of their friends is taken by that creature in the upside-down world and all of them start finding him. That’s the time they found out that the government is hiding something from them. That was the time they found out about the inhuman experiments that the government was conducting. This series isn’t complete yet, but we can’t wait to hear when the next season is coming.


Lupin is about the story of a man who was inspired by a classic French character whose name was Arsene Lupin. The Gentleman thief. Lupin was created in the early 1900s. This book was gifted to Assane Diop by his father. This book inspires him to become a thief and a gentleman. As an adult, he started doing various robberies that at first seem like high-class burglaries but when the story progressed, it revealed a certain motive behind those heists.


That’s the best dense kind of drama and you should definitely give it a try if you want to give your brain a workout. We recommend you guys to watch all three seasons of this drama. The story is amazing and the plot is very amazing. It’s without any holes that need to be filled. It is tense and the acting and cinematography are amazing. 

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