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Vinyl planks flooring gives a design touch


When you want to bring the beauty, style, and warmth of hardwood without any spill worry, vinyl flooring is the best option that covers all requirements. When you look at vinyl flooring planks from a little distance it seems to blend. Vinyl plank flooring is a bit softer underfoot than rigid wood planks and tiles. Even the lowest quality of vinyl planks shows a luxury look when you do not examine it too carefully. Cushioned vinyl planks have a thin layer of foam that makes them more comfortable to walk. Its textured surface makes it look like stone or wood. There are several factors that prove vinyl planks flooring a better choice such as thickness, wear layer, quality, wear layer, size, and longevity. 

Vinyl tiles and planks:

The vinyl tiles and planks have become very popular recently because of their affordability, maintenance, and quality. Vinyl flooring offers many designs that resemble wood, hardwood, ceramic tiles, and stones because of the latest manufacturing technologies. Here, we will put some guidance that will help you to choose a better vinyl plank. 

  • Self-adhesive vinyl planks: these types of vinyl planks have pressure-sensitive adhesive on their back. You do not need extra glue. These planks are simply installed by removing the film, pressing down, and positioning the planks. You can easily remove a single plank by warming it with a blow-dryer. 
  • Glue-down vinyl flooring planks: it requires a special vinyl glue. First, you have to apply adhesive on the floor then apply this adhesive on the vinyl plank and tiles. Now, fix the vinyl plank to the adhesive layer. These types of vinyl planks and tiles installation requires professionals. These planks are also hard to remove. 
  • Loose lay vinyl planks: these types of vinyl flooring planks stick to the floor but are because of the high friction of their bottom layer. That is why it provides an extremely strong grip on the subfloor. But is removable and reusable. 
  • Interlocking vinyl planks: these types of vinyl flooring planks have special tongues and grooves on their edges so that they can be fixed with each other easily. These planks are also removable but they are removed as an entire row. 

Vinyl flooring also offers a vinyl sheet that you can unroll, cut to size, and glue to the subfloor. Sheet vinyl has been a long favourable flooring material for rooms and kitchens. 

Luxury vinyl plank flooring:

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is a simple vinyl floor that comes into long strips than the old tile styles. Vinyl planks flooring gives your room an extraordinary design look at a reasonable cost. It is a multi-ply product that offers multiple features such as:

  1. The aluminum oxide layer prevents light scratches and scuffs.
  2. Designed layers provide the photo-realistic look of stone and wood.
  3. A film layer protects against ripping and tearing. 

Designs of vinyl plank flooring:

Vinyl plank flooring offers hundreds of different designs, colors, and patterns that enhance the beauty and look of rooms and houses. Most planks are forms of luxury vinyl that mimics hardwood flooring quite effectively. At a very casual glance, vinyl planks look like a real wood floor. It could be a better illusion option than laminate flooring. The tiles from vinyl flooring are the same as ceramic tiles and stones. 

Maintenance and repair:

It is very easy to maintain vinyl plank flooring. Consumers and manufacturers report that dry mopping, sweeping, and mopping with mild detergent is enough. Repairing can be a little difficult with vinyl plank flooring. You can repair damaged planks or small areas with a vinyl repair kit. However, there are fewer chances that the repaired patches perfectly matched with the entire floor. 

Potential advantages of vinyl flooring:

Vinyl planks flooring is an ideal material for both heavy traffic and moisture. It is more comfortable and warmer to walk on bare feet than on stones and tiles. It is more cost-effective and provides better durability. According to consumers, good quality vinyl planks can last 20 years. As vinyl planks flooring is waterproof so it is a much better and convenient floor for damp areas than laminate flooring and hardwood flooring. Vinyl planks and tiles peel-and-stick are easier to install than sheet vinyl. These planks are easy to remove, you can replace a damaged plank quickly. Vinyl plank flooring also provides an easy to clean benefit. 


Some brands have a fake look of vinyl flooring with the cheapest quality. Consumers have less choice of designs and colors with cheap types. Even if vinyl flooring is more durable than hard types of flooring but is more vulnerable to scratches and dents. Once you install it, there is no way to refinish it. You must have to replace it whenever you desire. One of the biggest complaints from consumers is that it is not eco-friendly. Sometimes vinyl flooring emits harmful volatile organic chemicals or phthalates. However, according to the new research, these chemicals are no longer detectable in vinyl flooring. 


Vinyl flooring is less expensive, it costs from 0.05$ to 5$ per square foot. The average cost of vinyl planks and tiles flooring is from 3$ to 10$ including installation.

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