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Ways to reduce your screen time in your daily life


As we all know that technology has helped us a lot to become more productive. It has numerous advantages that we can’t even count. Every kind of information is just at our fingertips. And also, the internet has helped us a lot in improving our lifestyle and the way we communicate with others. But with the innovation in technology, things are getting tougher and tougher. And that’s not good for our physical as well as our mental health. 

According to research in 2016, an individual person is spending more than 10 hours using their screens and that shouldn’t be shocking because we’re glued to our phones, tablets, and laptops. 

If we talk about phones, we are generally spending 5 hours using our phones, doing different activities and corona has immensely increased this figure. And obviously, that played a very important role in disturbing our productivity and our mental health. 

There are a lot of problems that the excessive use of laptops or mobile phones can cause. It can cause vision problems, anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression. What are the reasons behind these problems? The reason behind these health problems isn’t only the excessive use of the screen. Another reason is the excessive use of social media. We are always comparing our lives with different celebrities. And that’s the reason that we feel lost and gloomy all the time. So, it has become really important to work on ourselves by reducing our screentime. Here are some practical ways that will help you a lot in reducing your screen time.

Set time limits by tracking your screen time

We know that at first, it will seem really difficult but you just have to trust and you can do it. Make an effort to track how much time you are spending online. There are a lot of tools that can help you to track your screen time. These tools work in the background so you just have to keep using the internet normally. If you have an iPhone, you just have to turn on the screen time function in the settings. And the next thing is to use the results and figure out how much time you are spending online. If you have figured out that you are spending more time using Instagram, you just have to set a time limit on Instagram and the app will stop working automatically after the specific time you’ve set. 

You can also use these results to make a schedule. While doing something productive like exercise or something else, you block the sites and apps or you can also turn on the flight mode on your mobile so that it cannot distract you.

Keep your phone away from you

A lot of us use our phones to set the alarm and that’s the last thing that we see while sleeping. Some of us even keep our mobile phones in their blankets or under the pillow. And also, our mobiles are the first thing that we see in the morning. The lights of our mobile phones can affect our eyes and also the quality of our sleep. In fact, a study suggested that adults who use social media for about 30 minutes before bedtime has disturbed sleep. 

Even if you don’t scroll through social media, the blue light of your mobile is enough to disturb your sleep and your eyes. Also, when we turn off the alarm in the morning, we keep laying in our bed scrolling through the inbox, checking emails and messages, and stressing about the whole day. The solution to this problem is, charge your phone in another room and don’t see it at least before one hour of sleep. Also, buy an alarm clock for yourself.

keep your phone away from you
Using phone at night can cause vision problems, anxiety, and Insomnia.

Establish mobile-free zones in your home

You should develop some zones in your home where mobile phones or laptops aren’t allowed. And the first place is the bathroom. It’s unhygienic and also that’s not a good thing to use mobile in the bathroom. Also, ban mobile phones while having a meal. Have quality time with your family and enjoy your meal. 

Turn off notifications and remove unnecessary apps

When you have some time, go through your phone and clean it up. Delete unnecessary apps that are distracting you. Also, turn off notifications from every social media app. Also, don’t check your phone on weekends. Keep yourself away from the phone and do something productive, something you love to do. Learn a new skill, language, and cooking. Paint something it’ll give your mind peace. Do yoga or any other thing to relax your mind. 

turn off app notifications
Turn off app notifications and be productive.

Ease the colors of your phone

Both iOS and android allow their users to ease the colors of their phones by adding a yellowish touch on their screen. That’s how you can easily remove all bright colors from your phone. It will ease your eyes and it won’t affect your eyes. You can also go back to the normal bright colors anytime you want to. 

Pick up a new hobby

I’m regretting that I’ve wasted such an important part of my life. But thank God I’ve realized this now. There is much more in this world but we just have to take out our heads from our phones. Take a look at nature and what it’s offering. Also, start something new. Travel, if you want to, look at the new things and people. Learn about their culture and language. Cook something new for yourself, if you love cooking. Learn something new and keep yourself productive. Minimize your time on social media. Don’t look at other people’s lives and don’t compare yours with them. Stop streaming Netflix while you are in your bed and ready to sleep. Because this will greatly affect your mental as well as physical health. Start reading a new book and you will feel like you are in another world seeing all those characters in person. Why waste time using a mobile phone and scrolling through social media? It’s time to get up and work on yourself, for yourself.

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